Louis Farrakhan really is a racist shithead isn't he?

I was listening to one of his speeches where he made the most absurd, easily refutable claims such as that Musa(his name for the biblical figure Moses) lead white people who had devolved into savagery in europe and had no language, no ability to use fire, only lived in caves, and didn’t bury their dead into civilization. That is not even close to the biblical story, and contains so many easily refutable errors it seems a waste to try.

The interesting thing was the later part of the speech where he seemed to suggest black people are good because they will look at the sun and say hey great sun! But white people are bad because they look at the sun and say I can do that, and go on to do atomic research on hydrogen. He gave other examples of this same line of reasoning, the audience seemed in enthusiastic agreement with it. I pointed out that this same speech could have come out of the mouth of a KKK leader.:stuck_out_tongue:

I mean late to the party I guess but I never realized how full of factual errors and bizarre racist sounding crud he was.

He’s kinda like Fred Phelps was. Each time Phred started fading from view he ratcheted up the nonsense a little further.

I haven’t heard much about Farrakhan in quite a while, except to note a couple of players in the Death Pool selected him.

Just one thing, calling Moses Musa is not all that off base. It’s using the English form taken from a different language.

Just like Jesus is the English version of the Greek version of the Hebrew name Joshua.

None of it is any more ridiculous, prima facie, than anything in the Bible, the Book of Mormon, or the Rig Veda.

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They tend to have a little less about the UFOs coming to kill other races.

I’m not disputing that Farrakhan is a racist shithead - he is - but there’s nothing inherently any less believable about his mythology than there is about mainstream Judeo-Christian mythology.

I was living inside The Beltway when the Million Man March happened and watched the beginning of his speech on TV. He used all kinds of bizarre numerology to justify his points.

<nitpick>Yeshua. Joshua is itself an English rendition of the Hebrew name.</nitpick>. A propos of nothing, Jesus is also known in Arabic and across the Muslim world as Issa.

For some reason I thought he was dead. Oh well.

Well, if there’s one source we can count on for historical accuracy, it’s definitely the Bible. :dubious: Why were you listening to Farrakhan in the first place?

I seem to remember a belief promoted by some American Muslims that whites resulted from a failed experiment performed by black Africans. Sound familiar to anyone?

I would swear that I remember him announcing being terminally ill ten years ago.

Yakub. Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam does, in fact, promote this belief.

I really wish this meme would die. First off, Judeo-Christian mythology is not just the Torah. And the Torah is not all that unbelievable. Sure, it has God intervening, but the way he does so is not all that unbelievable. You can easily believe that the stuff that happened once you get past the flood, with just stories being exaggerated. There is historical information that vaguely fits the general ideas, even if the actual details appear to be wrong.

The idea that the ancestors of the Hebrew people were white people who spread literacy to the rest of the world is verifiably false. We know the time periods involved. We know that there were already literate peoples. We know that, whatever group was the ancestor of the Israelites, they were not white.

There is something more ridiculous in believing in extraterrestrial tech allowing people to illuminate (in the intelligence sense) the entire world. There is no problem with people gradually spreading out over time as happens in the Bible.

Once you get past Noah, you don’t really need the supernatural to believe any of the basics of what happens in the Torah. And Noah’s flood can be local and exaggerated, and it works, too. It’s not anywhere near as ridiculous as this guy’s stuff.

And they already believe in some form of the Creation myth, but this has junk on top of that. The Tower of Babel is the only thing that gets remotely close. Some guys stop being able to understand each other after building a really tall tower, and so run off to form other countries. That’s really comparable to aliens.

What was the explanation for the manna that had such a short shelf life?

I’m white, and have to tell you, this is so out there it’s wildly entertaining. The only thing Im trying to figure out is if us honkies were ignorant savages who lived in caves, how were we able to use “tricknology” to turn the tables on the brothers?

The part about Moses blowing up white people with dynamite is laugh out loud hilarious!

'Cause we have no evidence for life existing in the Universe and abundant evidence for God existing!

CMC fnord!

Don’t you mean DY NO MITE!

Other than the part where he exists, you mean.

I’ve never even seen any one trying to present “Evidence for God existing.” Usually people admit that that is thru faith meaning believing in the unbelievable. Show us a bit of that proof. Please.