Love me, love my dog. Period.

The subject line says it all. The former mr. bot and I have been engaged for a while, and we bought a house together a month ago.

Big mistake. We have been fighting ever since, and I have taken on two jobs just to get out of the house. I figured the less time I was home, the less time we would have to fight. This evening when I came home from job #2, we had another fight. As I was sauntering (storming) out the door to head for the sanctuary of the barn (for some peace and quiet), he kicked my dog and said “take your damn dog with you!”

My dog is a 17 year old poodle. He has cataracts and can’t see very well these days. He has been my devoted campanion since he was a puppy. I have cried into his fur when my grandmother died, when my dad died, and when my two sisters died. He has been at my side through thick and thin. I love that “damn dog”. Apparently more than I loved mr. bot. Something snapped in me when he swung his foot to kick my little dog, and I realized I could never love or trust mr. bot again.

We have both said dreadful things in anger, but I have never physically struck him, nor anyone else in my life. I don’t “do” physical violence. I have a zero tolerance policy on that. And it extends to my dog. Kick my dog, and you have kicked me. I’m now looking for another house, and I feel it can only get better from now on. No more fighting, no more kicking. I just want to get on with my life. And I shall.

Damn straight, well said. And if you need someone to kick the ass of a man who would kick a dog, I’m there.

And good luck. We’re here for you.


If he kicked your 17 year old poodle, i.e., manifested anger with a physical expression against a powerless creature, then, sorry truthbot, fuck him. Get him out of your life.

But I think you already knew that.

Good luck with it all. I mean that.

I hope your poodle was not injured. You are right to move on. Good luck.

Definitely right to move on and leave him far behind. Can you throw him out on his ass in the meantime?

Hey whistlepig, I feel a road trip coming on. Me, you, a couple of base ball bats and a deserving victim . . .

Truthbot, good move bugging out.

I want to respond, but find the man so reprehensible that words do not do it justice. To abuse any animal simply out of anger at you, well, as I said, I am finding it hard to find the words. What a loser. I think you have made the right choice.

Oh truthbot, you poor thing. I am so sorry.

To put one’s trust in someone and then have them literally KICK it.
That motherf*cker.

And if he would kick your poor defenseless dog, you know the jerk would kick you one day.

I’m so sorry, sweetie. Stick to your guns. I have a feeling he’s the kind of guy who would think that was a forgivable act. Do not forgive him; it will happen again, no matter what he says.

Truer words were never written. My sympathy and best wishes to you, and your poor dog, truthbot.


I know this is not just about the dog, but…

jeezopete. Taking your anger out on an old, partially blind dog…

words fail me.

Bummer on having to get out of the house bought together, but it really sounds like you’re well out of this.

Best wishes, and hugs to you and your dog.

What a jerk! You KNOW you did the right thing! Bless you for caring about your dog so much.

I hate dogs. I really do. I can’t stand them. Yet I’d still feel the need to kick someone’s ass for kicking a dog. There’s just no excuse for cruelty.

I don’t like dogs either but that just ain’t right.

So what were ya’ll fighting about, anyway?

Where do you get that from?

OUCH! That sucks.

Anyone who would kick a defenseless animal is scum. Period.

Within limits, the moral distinction between verbal violence and physical violence you are trying to demarcate is less meaningful than you might think, as both can leave dreadful scars. How did things go from house buying together to the “dreadful things” you are both saying to rip the psychic flesh off each other at this point in 30 days? What in the world are you two arguing about that emotions have reached such a fevered pitch?

It goes to prove that you don’t really know a person until you’ve lived with them for a while. Sorry you had to find out that way, but far better now than later. I agree with what Gazelle said. If he’d hit your dog, then he would have gotten around to hitting you sooner or later. Get out and burn the bridges now.

Creeps like that give my gender a bad name. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Count me in for the ass-kicking roadtrip. I’ll bring along my handy-dandy-from-under-the-kitchen-sink neutering kit.