"Luther" - Netflix

This is an Idris Elba movie that Netflix just released on March 10. Luther (Idris) escapes from prison in order to catch a horrific serial killer before the authorities recapture him. It is very well done and very exciting, but, be warned, the killer is probably the most horrific serial killer I’ve ever seen in pretty much any movie of that genre that I’ve ever watched. I highly recommend it.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll look for it.

Regarding the “Luther” movie, it was violent and gruesome, horrifically so in places. I almost turned it off. The villain, deftly played by Andy Serkis, is one of the most depraved, despicable individuals you might ever meet in a motion picture.

That said, I did stick with it, mostly on the strength of Idris Elba’s performance, and it’s pretty good as a thriller. I was only vaguely familiar with the Luther character, having only watched one season of the series a few years ago (it didn’t interest me enough to go further), so I didn’t know anything about the supposed crimes he was imprisoned for early in the film, but you really don’t need to know the backstory.

However, the wig on Andy Serkis was comically ridiculous.

In case this is unclear, Luther is a character from a BBC TV series which has ran for five seasons (some of those seasons as short as 2 episodes), starting in 2010. So for full context, maybe watch those before the movie. It does feature one of the more interesting and entertaining serial killers, Alice.

I’ll be the downer here: I thought this movie was poorly done, with an uneven storyline, plot holes, absence of logic, and caricatures instead of people. I don’t even know where to begin. People magically appear somewhere without there being any way at all they could know where to go. The Serkis character was over-the-top ridiculous, able to appear and disappear and manipulate people on a whim. The house in the middle of the Arctic was just silly, and the fact that our heroes were able to get to some remote area in Norway in one day from England by boat was just stupid. There’s more, but I won’t spoil it.

Too late. LOL

Alright I’m starting it now. We’ll see how this goes.

That movie Luther, I really liked it. I mean REALLY liked it. Part of me is fascinated by pure evil, and how it can manifest itself in people. And that guy was one true siq phuq. Really twisted. And the chase after him made for a good plot. So yeah I have this two thumbs up.

But… I was tired and sleepy, and at one point dozed off and napped a little bit. I rewound it when I woke up but being half asleep isn’t a good formula for assessing a movie.

Yeah, so there.

I enjoyed the TV series, but was disappointed in the movie. As Chefguy said, the Serkis character was over the top, and nothing in his backstory explained how he was able to do what he did.

Eh, sometimes you just have to go with it. Were you disappointed in Silence of the Lambs for the same reasoning?

I loved the Luther movie. There were parts that were a little over the top, but that’s what I enjoy in movies sometimes. I won’t waste my time with movies about a guy who goes to work then comes home and pays taxes. I can do that myself.