Lyin' Ted has endorsed Don the Con

So it’s official. CNN is reporting that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has endorsed Donald Trump. Remember, the Cruz Missile called Trump a serial philanderer and utterly amoral. This endorsement came after phone and in-person meetings with Pence, including assurances by Pence that Trump will nominate only socially conservative justices.

I believe the result will be to drive a few Johnson voters back to Trump. It will not move a single Clinton voter. However, I am most concerned about the meeting with Pence. Why Pence? Pence is the same sort of far-right ultra conservative as Lyin’ Ted. This meeting suggests to me that Pence will be calling the shots if not actually serving as President. Just wild-ass guessing, but maybe Pence confided that Trump will resign and that President Pence might consider Rafael for VP.

Trump is a buffoon. Neither Pence nor Cruz are buffoons. They are true believers. They are, in my opinion, far more dangerous.

I think you’re reading too much into this. Ted caved for one reason and one reason alone. Reince Priebus threatened any GOP candidate that did not endorse TRump would not find themselves on the ballot in 2020.

Why Pence? It could be as simple as Cruz loathes Trump, and Trump loathes Cruz, and they needed Pence to be the go-between to get the deal done.

Cruz just ensured that he’ll have a place at the 2020 republican debates, if the RNC creates the rule they’re talking about: “No endorsement of the candidate? No soup for you!”

In a way, it’s kind of a relief. Having to feel even a tiny shred of respect for Ted Cruz, of all people, was profoundly unnatural.

All apologies, but I have to ask: you believe, because of course you do, that Trump is a liar from sole to crown, right? For one thing, you refer to him as “Don the Con”; and for another, he is, and you’re, like, in full possession of your faculties.

So . . . who cares what assurances or confiding or whatever Pence relays from Trump? It’s being relayed from Trump! It doesn’t actually mean anything!

Well, there’s video evidence of him lying. And he has a history of taking people’s money, declaring bankruptcy, and walking away with a bundle. And he’s come right out and said that he’d put the U.S. into bankruptcy to get rid of U.S. debt…

I’ve gotta hand it to Cruz; I didn’t there was anything he could do to make me hate him more, but he proved me wrong.

Another one bites the dust. Or just bites. Who’s left? Bush and Kasich? Kudos to them. What about Rand Paul? Has he sucked the Don’s johnson?

Did he say he endorses Trump? Or that he supports the Republican Party nominee? Wording is very important when it comes to lying sacks of crap. One is the act of a sniveling poltroon, while the other is that of a cunning cynic.

Deep inside the cunning cynic is a sniveling poltroon.

Those are the left and right hemispheres of Ted’s brain. The left side controls most of what he does in politics and represents the cunning cynic. The right hemisphere controls Ted’s emotional relationships with his family and friends and represents the sniveling poltroon.

It was more an anti-endorsement of Hilary. I don’t think he mentioned one thing about Trump other than his lack of Clintoness. It’s hardly a ringing endorsement but he can technically say he kept his pledge to endorse whoever the nominee is.

I wonder if Lyin’ Ted’s daddy, the one who Trump said helped Lee Harvey Oswald assassinate JFK, also endorses him.

I wonder if Lyin’ Ted’s wife, the one who Trump said was ugly, also endorses him.

Bill Clinton’s mother called Hillary ugly.

You keep trying to be witty and just…missing.

Bill Clinton’s mother was a bitch.

What does this have to do with the topic?

Hell, that’s so off topic and hijacky I’m giving you a warning for it.

Stick to the topic in the future.

Ted Cruz, you idiot, you could have washed your hands of him and run yourself in four years, as someone who didn’t sign on to the Trump disaster! Now you’ve flopped over cravenly, to endorse the man who libelled your father. Never mind the judges!

Oh, and if Reince Priebus is going to say that Ted Cruz has to endorse that blowhard Donald Trump, Cruz should drive Reince out of the GOP.