Lyrics related question. And anatomy. Also, possibly, sex.

One of the best party songs this year is without doubt Lady Gaga’s Just Dance. Brilliant stuff. Makes you want to, um, dance, I guess. And some more youth-y things.

There’s one line in the lyrics that’s sparked lively debate in my circle of friends. (I have lots, because I am nice. And funny. Yes.) The question we’re asking is: where, exactly, is the ‘playboy mouth’? My guess is that it’s located somewhere between the neck and the navel. One of my very many good friends claims that it is the same as the mythological fourth hole, and thus somewhere near the back of the knee.

Because the curiosity is beginning to wear on me I now turn to you, the SDMB, to settle this once and for all.

Where, and what, is the playboy mouth? Does everybody have one, or is it something you earn?

No help from urban dictionary yet. But I looked at the lyrics. Why do you think it’s a body part? I interpreted it to mean “the mouth of a playboy”, as in, a ladies man who doesn’t know when to keep from saying the wrong thing.

Well yes, that would be the obvious interpretation. Nowhere near as interesting, though.