So. After seeing the animated shorts done for Saturday Night Live, I look around for more information about Maakies. And I find the Maakies web site. And, I gotta admit, I’m mystified.

I mean, some of it is okay, I guess. One of the animated shorts (Drinky Crow filling the stump with acorns) was interesting, at least. But for the most part, the shorts and the strip are like complete non-jokes, even though I sense an attempt at humor. Maybe I’m just getting whooshed.

Am I really missing something? Are there fans out there? More to the point, are there fans willing to spend $350 a pop for original art (to look at his “Original Art For Sale” page, the answer seems to be “yes”)? No wonder his name is “Tony Millionaire”…

I dunno, this just vexes me. Someone, help me out. Explain the appeal of Maakies.

I really enjoy maakies. I have the comic book.
we have a weekly paper here that features a maakies comic every week (that how i got into him)
I went to a book signing and meet tony millonaire. he was very nice and signed my comic “dook dook dook” (thats the sound of the crow swilling his liquor)

Maakies is not for everyone. it deals with heavy drinking, pill popping, suicide, sex (with animate & inanimate objects), nudity, extreme violence, vomit, hair, sickness.
I can handle it and find it very entertaining!

“A pill and some swill will fill the bill!”:smiley:

Funny you should mention it. I was just reminded of the existence of Maakies when I went back to New York and picked up a copy of New York Press again.

I don’t know if I can explain the appeal. I don’t think it’s exactly…funny (sometimes the little strip at the bottom is funny.) I’ve never been a big fan but when I read it regularly every so often there was a strip that was effectively surreal and disturbing (that’s a complement). Other times it was just creepy.