Mac Safari browser question

By default, Safari “times-out” after 60 seconds if a web page doesn’t load. This rarely happens to me anywhere but this while using this board. On most occasions I just throw in the towel and come back later. But sometimes I really, really want to read or reply to a thread.

I can’t find anything in the Safari preferences to allow more time. As it stands, I have to click off the “timed-out” announcement window and click the link again. It’s rather annoying.

It probably doesn’t matter, but G4 Powerbook/OS X 10.2.8.

I thought timeouts were based on the server side?
Anyway I use Safari all the time and don’t have that problem. Not sure it’s your browser.

Try camino, though. It’s even faster than Safari, and it’s open source so constantly getting improved.

I’m surprised you never experienced a Safari timeout on this board, filmyak. The error is definitely generated by Safari, not the server.

I found a a piece of freeware at that extends the timeout to 10 minutes:

Perhaps in later versions there will be a setting in the Safari preferences for this.

I experience the timeouts myself-usually on this board.
thanks for posting the freeware fix.

I’ll confirm the 60 second timeouts on Safari. It’s a Safari thing; not an HTTP or server thing (well, the server’s not responding, so in a way…). Anyway, it happens to me usually on the SDMB and on sites that’ve been /.'d.

I really wish that the warning weren’t a dialogue box, but an in-browser message. Having to hit return or press okay is just plain annoying.

Anyone know how to make Safari work with more than four network connections? For example, if I have four pages waiting for a server response, the fifth page won’t queue or try to make a connection, and I can’t download more. And of course, I can’t get more than four downloads. And if I have four downloads, I can’t open any other pages.

Despite this, Safari’s still my browser of choice at home (Mozilla at work on Win2K).