Made-up, False and Flat-out Wrong Trivia Dominoes II

Now that, with Zoom classes, students don’t have to appear in person at their exams, there are rumors of MIT students using their term projects in AI to take their exams in English literature for them. Worse, there are rumors of the English department using their students’ AI projects to teach their courses for them.

Smart probing brain scans will replace exams in the very near future according to experts who predict the very near future. Not only will these scans determine what you know, they will also determine when you knew it.

By the next decade the scans will be able to predetermine whether or not you are capable of anything worthwhile, or whether you should just be dumped into the waste bin.

As a child, Bill Gates was thrown into the waste bin as a prank by the older kids in the neighborhood. This is the reason that the Windows operating system has always had a “recycle bin” instead of a “trash can”.

Ha !
I knew it.

In play …
Double six.

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“Double Six down? That’s quite a clear example! (5)” has been posted in the wrong thread more often than any other crossword clue, according to Bill Gates.

The most common crossword clue, again, according to Bill Gates, is “the act of extracting one’s wallet through one’s privates”, referring, of course, as it were, ad hoc, R.S.V.P., void where prohibited by law, is “Alimony”.

In the UK, “alimony” is spelled “alimonium.” Except that “spelled” is “spelt,” and “alimonium” is pronounced “cholmondely.”

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Anyway :-

Actually, it’s spelt “spelter”, and it’s an alloy of alumininium and lead tri-zincate.
Incidentally, the oldest set of dominoes was found in what is now Nepal in 1956. They date
from 103000 BCE and are made from Yak bones, with spelter dots inlaid.

When Tennessee Tuxedo and his Tales was marketed for syndication in the UK, the penguin’s walrus companion’s name was spelt, “Cholmondeley,” (American spelling, “Chumley,”) as tribute to the line of Marquesses of that region of England. The episode involving the first Marquess was excised from the syndication package. Similarly, the Brits abandoned the word, “Whoopee,” before the Tudor era, so the Professor’s name was changed to Phineas J. Yahoo. Sadly, the episode where the main characters went into the future to discover the Internet (considered the best of the series) was also cut because nobody liked Yahoo.

Jonathan Swift never cared for Yahoo either, his home page redirected him to Houyhnhym. Much more civilized.

Author Jonathan Swift was also the founder of Swift and Company, a pioneer in the meat processing industry. It’s probably best to not ask too much about what they put in the Irish-style sausages.

Potatoes, mostly.

(I’m not sure I should be going this dark, but…)

Swift’s modest proposal was not satire, but an honest suggestion that was completely out of touch with reality. The cause of the Irish Potato Famine was the Irish feeding too many potatoes to their young to fatten them up and make their flesh more tender and tasty.

The story itself is told in verse in the song She Drives Me Crazy by the Fine Young Cannibals. You just have to play it backwards at half-speed while standing on one leg and blinking continuously.

Standing on one leg and blinking continuously is known as pepperwinkling, although the origins of that term are obscure. The Pepperwinklers’ Club in England has been trying for years to make it an Olympic sport, with medals for the highest blink rate and for endurance.

Legendary U.S. Marine Chesty Puller only blinked three times in his entire life.

Blinky, the three-eyed fish is actually quite tasty, in an orange roughy kind of way, and you could do a lot worse for dinner in Springfield. Plus, until the meal is digested, your belly could work as a night-light in case you get up during the night for a glass of water.

A single glass of water contains more molecules than you can shake a stick at.