MADs, Artscape!

Artscape is this weekend.

Not the best line up I’ve ever seen. . .Boyz II Men and Morris Day & The Time seem to be the biggest acts. Drive by Truckers are all right.

Also, Biz Markie and Labtekwon on the DJ stage.

Anyway, my wife will be set up about in front of the fancy glass MICA building. If you see a guy with shaggy hair and a bicycle chilling in the booth, probably with a beer, say 'Yo". That’s me.

I have a bike race on Saturday, but I’ll be at Artscape most of the weekend, except when I’m home pooping the dogs.


All the cool MADS are going to be at Gettysdope.


Yeah, I noticed that was this weekend, too.

Have fun y’all.

That is for sure. :slight_smile:

I won’t be able to come to Gettysdope. I have work I need to handle on Friday, and I can’t get away the other two days. However, I will be at Artscape Friday afternoon. My picture is here.

Don’t worry, I am not as much of a creep in person as people seem to believe from reading my posts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry man, I used to live in Bolton Hill, and it poisoned ArtScape for me - I will never go back.
Good luck to your wife though, and stay hydrated.

I’m in Mount Vernon, which I guess is outside the radius of poisonage.

However, as a “cool MAD”, I’ll also be at GettysDope. Sorry, man.

I just stopped by the booth. Apperently, he won’t be around until 6, and I have seen all I would like to see for today, so I am posting from the second floor computer lab till 6. Also, I igured this thread deserved a bump.

P.S. The computers are all imacs. The copy of word doesn’t have the spell check enabled. Odd.

I didn’t see this thread until after I’d been and gone.

I did see your wife’s booth, and I loved the jewelry.

Good luck in your race!