MAD's: if I hosted a DopeFest, would anyone come?

Nothing is for sure yet, but I got thinking about this some time ago. For a long time, I thought my house was too small for me to do a DopeFest here, but in size and layout, it’s very similar to Anita Vacation’s place. I know it’s a hike for many of you (about 2 and a half hours from Baltimore), but probably closer than the Baltimore/NVA ones for those of you in PA. I was thinking, if I was gonna do it, it’d probably be in the fall. The folliage is beautiful up here in the mountains. But before I even seriously contemplated it, I wanted to know: given that the date/time worked with your schedule, would you come? (Feel free to say “no, that’s too long a drive”, but please be kind enough to refrain from comments like “If it were another Doper hosting, sure we’d go that far; for you? Not so much” :smiley: ).

I’d come. I’m always looking to get the hell out of Dodge for a day.


Well, this is lookin’ good, then. One of the things is that when I asked hubby about having a DopeFest here, he said “I dunno; lemme think about it”, but if you’d come and drag Airman with you, hubby’d be more enthusiastic; he likes the Dopers, pretty much, but he’s not that much of a “people person”, and he’s pretty conservative, politically. He can talk politics with Airman.

Oh, yeah, and since we’ve got a 4-year-old, there’d be plenty of toys and stuff for your cutie-pie (no, not your husband; your son :smiley: )

That’s a pretty good drive, but it’s a definite possibility.

I think you are right to ask the question because as lovely and entertaining as you are, I can get attend dopefests much closer to home, and I can usually get** you **to do the driving. :smiley:

So in response to the specific thrust of your OP, I think you could draw a crowd if you timed it right and had enough to offer. For instance: Plan it during the peak of fall foliage and organize a drive tour and or hike for the day after. People would need a place to crash, and I imagine lodging can be obtained at reasonable rates out your way, so if you researched that and listed options for us, that would help, too.

And then you got people like me who have seen enough bloody foliage and suchlike for a lifetime;) I’m not much one for nature walks and the like, but I’ve driven a good distance before for fests. Are you 2.5 hours N/NE from B’more? Cuz we’d be coming from the southwest. Ultimately it doesn’t matter a whole lot, since we’d just be crashing my parents’ for the night in between driving stints:)

Don’t suppose it’d help your husband for now, but I could see myself voting Pubbie if the circumstances were right (i.e. old-time republican; fiscal conservative is my kind of thing). For now, though, not s’much:D

Well, Ginger is due early November, so I suppose it will come down to when you have the fest and how she is feeling at the time. We wouldn’t be opposed coming out there though, I’ve gone to Amsterdam for a dopefest before, so this dosen’t seem that far at all. Be warned, Ginger will prolly laugh at your mountains (She’s from the Rockies in Canada)

You live in or near Cumberland, right? I’d definetly come, I am used to driving out that way since I was at WVU for 5 years, and Cumberland was right on my route. It’s not a bad drive at all.

Duh, yeah it says Cumberland right in your info section, sorry!

That’s pretty much the kind of thing I had in mind (a drive; not a hike. If Ginger attends, I will not lead the volunteer brigade to carry a nearly gestational woman up a mountain, even if ours are anthills compared to her beloved Rockies :smiley: ). And, yeah, reasonably priced lodging would be attainable, including, as I’ve mentioned in other threads, room for 6 or so folks right here at my place.

Well, for one thing, I’m plenty used to putting up with crap from Ginger :wink: . For another thing, hers might be bigger, but mine are a heck of a lot closer!

Context is such a beautiful thing…

I might be able to come, as long as it’s not a football day. Will SallyStar be there?


You know, I’ve never hit the lottery, never won a raffle, never picked first to play softball in school; I just don’t think I’m lucky enough that our dear Miss Star would be in attendance. LOL. :wink: :smack: :wally

If you can think of any more abbreviations or smilies that might be appropriate, please do let me know. I’m not nearly as educated as some people.

I would be so disappointed if Sally did not come. I am so looking forward to meeting her. :smiley: :wink:


I’m pretty sure that I no longer qualify as a MAD, since there are so many NYDopers, but I love the Cumberland area, and there are a heckuva lotta MADopers I’d love to meet, so if I wouldn’t be seen as a party crasher, I might even turn up to a norinew hosted DopeFest. And I’d come bearing cakes and pies. :smiley:

Well, you probably would be seen as a party crasher, but if you have cakes and pies and slip me a 20 at the door, we’d let you in anyway. :slight_smile:

So basically, “If come, bring pie.”


Well, if Robyn and 'punha are going …


I’d definitely try to make it. After all, you guys have made the drive to the DC area so many times.

But I’ve got a really twisted idea: you and Nate should coordinate Dopefests, and have them on consecutive days of a 3-day weekend. We MADs could drive to your place for one evening’s worth of partying, drive the rest of the way to Nate’s the next day, then make the long trek back at the end of the weekend. Or something like that.

A movable 'fest!