Mafia Reunion Day 12

Welcome one and all to Day 12.

We are thinking this will end on… let’s say Wednesday. Why not. lets say 5pm Eastern because, let’s face it, we never manage to end the Day on time.

We are going to give you all a hammer option and see if we can’t speed this up.

You have two choices. You can either get 50% of the town population to vote


(once you vote hammer you can not unvote. Note it’s purple, bold and on it’s own line. Make this easy on us.)
OR you can get 60% of all votes available on a single player. Either way the day ends immediately once this happens EVEN IF WE DON’T STOP IT. Nothing that happens after the hammer counts.

Have fun. I’m excited to see how all the drama of this game plays out. You guys have clearly gone punch drunk.

Special super bonus trivia question. What is the name of the person generally credited with the creation of mafia?
So WEDNESDAY AT 5PM not TUESDAY at 3 is the new end time. Then straight into Day 13 assuming the game is still going on. Got it?! Good.

Constructive feedback on the changes are welcome, but send them via PM.


I…believe this is the alive list at this point.

Captain Klutz
Johnny Bravo

Which means it takes 6 votes on one player to hammer the Day, 4 votes for


to end it by fiat.

Yeah, we round down for the HAMMER vote and up for the votes on vote.

But… there are four cultists+mafia remaining. This rule negates the town number advantage, doesn’t it? If cult wants to take mafia up on their offer, all they have to do is place four hammer votes before town is able to place four hammer votes. That just turns it into a game of “who logs on first.”

Well, vote early and this isn’t an issue. You could have negated this whole issue by voting in your last post. We gotta speed this game along somehow. Sorry fellas the numbers were decided without consulting the player list.

I’m completely at a loss. I’m grateful for the game and I don’t know how to argue my point without sounding like a jerk right now.

Help me out, guys - am I being a crazy person right now?

Feel free to PM me with reasonable arguments (as requested in the OP) and you might find me to be more reasonable. As it is, my only response to this in thread is, tough luck son.

I missed that last line, apparently. Sorry. I’ll send a PM.

I will just get a vote down

Vote Scathach

This is not set in concrete. Lets get some discussion going and see if we can agree on who is the Patsy.

No hammer yet (obviously)

Vote Scathach

I’m friends with the guy who turned mafia into werewolf. He goes by “Zarf” Do I get partial credit?

Nope. Speeding up the end game is fine. Changing the rules on Day 12 to suddenly not require a majority lynch is definitely uncool. I imagine everyone would have played differently had they known this was coming.

It is simple problem to fix, just round up. Until then I’m going to ignore that hammering is a thing and vote normally.

Three cultists have been daykilled. Mafia appears to have been planning this for a while.

If we accepts that they’ve been planning this, then it also stands to reason that they planned this patsy business as well. I noticed that hawkeye and Texcat’s claims were very close to one another.

If the plan has always been to confuse things to try and engineer a patsy lynch (and force the cult to redirect), then it makes sense that a scum hawkeye would claim so as to let Texcat counterclaim.

Meanwhile, Biotop (who I think is scum) backed up hawkeyeop immediately after his claim but gave nothing substantive. He gave equally non-substantive approval for your post which predicted hawkeyeop as town and plumpudding as scum. Just general vague approval.

This last bit is pure WIFOM and should be taken with a big grain of salt, but they put in the order to kill MHaye, who basically didn’t play yesterday. You’re the one making cases and you’re the one who’s been keeping the vote records updated. You’re the more dangerous townie right now. Unless you’re completely wrong.

Even without that hammer rule, town is going to have to follow the lead of the only confirmed townie and follow his vote completely or we risk losing.

Ugh. I wrote up a bunch more stuff but everything hinges on whether mafia was planning this all along or whether they saw the patsy kerfuffle and came up with the cult blackmail stuff after the hawkeye/texcat claims. Texcat’s claim may have been purely opportunistic and the plan happened later, which would explain scathach’s late claim.

Or they might have been planning it from the start of the day. If patsy hawkeye completely, unabashedly refused to claim for the entire game even when confirmed townies were advocating it, how does it make sense that he would claim at that particular point? There was no value to it whatsoever. He even said as much.

He also backed up his claim with a few details, such as an observation Pleo made early on. But why? False counterclaims are pretty rare, especially at this stage in the game. It looks like he was expecting some sort of confusion.

Provide some sort of proof (of any of the above) and we can talk.

As for the HAMMER vote, we have taken responses under advisement. I’m gonna let Mahaloth deal with all the rest of it.

Johhny, you make some good points. The claims need closer examination.

I have been concerned for a while that mafia may try to blackmail the cult: “side with us or we will kill you off to make sure you lose”. This also explains why mafia have been killing cultists. However, now mafia has only 2 members left. If we lynch perfectly they will not be able to kill both remaining lutha.

Question for Scathach and Hawkeyop:
Why did you refuse to claim for so long?
In the meantime,

Unvote Scathach

I think I explained this in my claim, but to recap, I never saw the point. I didn’t have any information to provide town. If I had pressure on me, I could always claim whenever and wouldn’t be lynched. I didn’t think I’d be counterclaimed as it would be a terrible play for scum when their multiple scum groups left. I also thought it was useful for scum not to know everything about town. Since once I claim, I couldn’t unclaimed, I erred on the side of not claiming.

With only one scum team left, there wasn’t any information left that scum didn’t know, (they could think I was a vanilla but practically that doesn’t really matter), so there was no reason for me to not claim.

Andrew Plotkin?


For now, cancel the Hammer. We are re-thinking it as a team of moderators.

I am just getting off work. I need to think seriously about this, something I obviously have not been doing of late.

Some players may not be aware that Day 12 has started and that it has been shortened, so consider notifying the absent players