Mafia Reunion: Day Eleven

Day 11 - Limping Toward the Finish Line

Posting from my phone, as my company has finally decided to block the Dope from our computers. Thus we get right to the murders.

Lakai, who was a Mason, has been slaughtered to death.


Nanook of the North Shore, the Alpha Wolf, has been honorably discharged from the game.

Day 11 begins here and will end at 3:00PM Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, March 26.

I am saddened by my lack of spectacular death, but I understand work problems.

Player list

The Living(12):
3. Biotop
7. Captain Klutz - Mason
19. hawkeyeop
25. Johnny Bravo
28. Koldanar - “The Pontiff of the Cult of Lutha”
32. MHaye - Watcher
37. Plumpudding
40. Raventhief
44. Scathach
46. sinjin - “The Cardinal of the Cult of Lutha”
50. Texcat
The Deceased(43):
12. Dante G – ModKilled D1 –Vanilla Town
29. Lakai 1 – Lynched D1 - Vanilla Town
35. Normal Phase – Daykilled D1 - Investigative Journalist
45. septimus – Daykilled D1 - EMT - [Killed by ComeToTheDarkSideWeHaveCookies (MHaye)]
48. Suburban Plankton – Nightkiled N1 (1) Homicide Detective
9. Colby11 – Nightkilled N1 – Vanilla Town
5. brewha – Lynched D2 – Vanilla Town
8. Chronos – Daykilled D2 - Mason
15. Drain Bead - Nightkilled N2 - Leprechaun
41. Red Skeezix - Modkilled D3 - Vanilla Town
43. Sario – poofed D3 - Wizard
23. Idle Thoughts - Lynched D3 - Vanilla Town
26. jsgoddess - Daykilled D3 - Beta Wolf
51. Thing Fish - Daykilled D3 - Omega Wolf

  1. AngeloftheNorth - Nightkilled N3 - Vanilla Town
  2. Toejam - Nightkilled N3 - Doctor Seward - [Killed by Mafia Hitman Hal Briston (MHaye)]
  3. DiggitCamara - Lynched D4 - Vanilla Town
  4. Boozahol Squid, P.I. - Lynched D4 - Outrider
  5. Pleonast - Daykilled D4 - Seer
  6. BillMc - Nightkilled N4 - Whelp
  7. Sunny Daze - Nightkilled N4 - Informant
  8. Hockey Monkey - Nightkilled N4 - Consigliere - [Killed by Wolves (MHaye)]
  9. Prof. Pepperwinkle - Lynched D5 - Vanilla Town
  10. Sachertorte - Daykilled D5 - First Deacon
  11. [del]Winston Smith[/del]Paulwhoisaghost - Nightkilled N5 - Vanilla Town - [Killed by Wolves (MHaye)]
  12. Meeko - Modkilled D6 - Vanilla Town
  13. Inner Stickler - Lynched D6 - Vanilla Town
  14. Hoopy Frood - Daykilled D6 - alternative universe Batman
  15. EnderW24 - Nightkilled N6 - Understudy (Investigative Journalist)
  16. Hal Briston - Nightkilled N6 - Hitman
  17. ComeToTheDarkSideWeHaveCookies - Lynched D7 - GladOS - a serial Killer
  18. crys75 - Daykilled D7 - Second Deacon
  19. HookerChemical - Nightkilled N7 - Vanilla Town
  20. Total Lost - Modkilled D8 - Vanilla Town
  21. [del]Precambrian mollusk[/del]Cygnus 42 - Lynched D8 - Vanilla Townie
  22. Khameleon - Daykilled D8 - Mason
  23. Guiri - Nightkilled N8 - Godfather
  24. bufftabby - Lynched D9 - Bloodhound
  25. nesta - Daykilled D9 - LUTHA high priest
  26. LightFoot - Nightkilled D9 - Zoning Inspector
  27. Zeriel - Lynched D10 - Trickster
  28. snfaulkner - Tinkerer - Daykilled D10
  29. [del]DaphneBlack[/del]Lakai 2 - Mason - Nightkilled D10
  30. Nanook of the North Shore - Alpha Wolf - modkilled D11


Town (3/4 confirmable, 3 vanilla):

Captain Klutz - Mason
The Watcher - Day and Night cycle watcher - MHaye
The Patsy - Miller, if lynched can choose a kill
A Townsperson x3

Cult (2):

Pontiff - Every-other cycle redirector - Koldanar
Cardinal - Single use protector - sinjin

Mafia (3):

The Bodyguard - Night protect, but dies instead
The Mook - One time use power of dead teammate
The Enforcer - Roleblocker for following Day and Night

Wolves (0):

First point of order: the current VT claimant pool is at three players for three slots. Would anybody like to go ahead and counterclaim?

Damn it! Dead again.

I, too, had hoped for town to kill the last wolf in some spectacularly gory way, but can’t say I’m sad to see the last wolf dead. Hope to play with you this summer!

Is there some reason you are trying to force claims? Do you want to expose the Patsy? I could claim VT, but I see no point to doing so.


Day 1[spoiler]Lakai(17): InnerSticker[257], [del]snfaulkner[295-1205][/del], RedSkeez[319], PlumPudding[647], Lightfoot[883], Koldanar[900], [del]Guiri[977-1182][/del], HoopyFrood[1031], Angel[1078], Meeko[1082], HockeyMonkey[1102], Drain[1108], RavenThief[1109], JSGoddess[1129], MHaye[1176], Nesta[1187], BuffTabby[1194], Cookies[1206], Nanook[1208]

ToeJam(15): [del][COLOR=“blue”]CaptKlutz[/COLOR][57-347][/del], Sunny Daze[113], [del]Normal[147-322][/del], Hooker[184], Sinjin[200], Sachertorte[534], [del]Lakai[775-1006][/del], CaptKlutz[796], Normal[1011], ProfP[1057], BillMc[1152], Septimus[1155], Biotop[1178], Guiri[1182], Ender[1195], Chronos[1197], snfaulkner[1205],Lakai[1209]

Colby(6): Texcat[91], [del]Guiri[101-977][/del], [del]Septimus[106-231][/del], [del]Meeko[130-1082][/del], ToeJam[132], [del]HockeyMonkey[152-1101][/del], [del]Lakai[154-775][/del], [del]Suburban[162-541][/del], [del]Diggit[249-264][/del], Hawkeye[350], [del]Nanook[455-1208][/del], Brewha[683], Pleonast[841], [del]Septimus[993-1034][/del], Suburban[1026]

Angel(3): [del]snfaulkner[37-157][/del], Zeriel[413], TotalLost[493], [del]JSGoddess[503-716][/del], BoozySquid[546], [del]Septimus[981-993][/del], [del]Lakai[1006-1209][/del]

Pleonast(1): [del]Septimus[85-106][/del], ThingFish[794], [del]Normal[824-1011][/del], [del]Nesta[1187-1187][/del]
Normal Phase(1): [del]Texcat[29-91][/del], Johnny Bravo[36], [del]Pleonast[241-511][/del]
Septimus(1): Ender[243], [del]TotalLost[273-493][/del], [del]Normal[322-714][/del], [del]Colby[335-946][/del], [del]CaptKlutz[347-796][/del], [del]HoopyFrood[480-736][/del], [del]Pleonast[511-841][/del]
snfaulkner(1): Diggit[264]
Texcat(1): Scathach[758]
Brewha(1): Colby[946]

JohnnyBravo(0): [del]Meeko[41-130][/del], [del]BuffTabby[259-1094][/del], [del]Septimus[488-659][/del]
Meeko[(0): [del]Drain[94-888][/del]
Drain(0): [del]Angel[97-542][/del]
BoozySquid(0): [del]Normal[102-147][/del], [del]snfaulkner[157-295][/del], [del]Angel[542-1078][/del], [del]Biotop[709-957][/del]
JSGoddess(0): [del]Chronos[183-917][/del]
Hawkeye(0): [del]BoozySquid[188-540][/del]
CaptKlutz(0): [del]HoopyFrood[195-480][/del], [del]Drain[889-1108][/del]
Biotop(0): [del]PlumPudding[412-470][/del]
Prof.P.(0): [del]PlumPudding[472-647][/del], [del]Septimus[659-981][/del]
Ender(0): [del]ProfP[528-545][/del]
PlumPudding(0): [del]Suburban[541-1026][/del]
Koldanar(0): [del]ProfP[545-908][/del]
TotalLost(0): [del]RavenThief[679-912][/del], [del]JSGoddess[716-1129][/del]
Scathach(0): [del]HoopyFrood[798-1031][/del]
ThingFish(0): [del]Chronos[917-1197][/del]
Chronos(0): [del]Biotop[957-1178][/del]

Not voting(9): Crys, DaphneBlack, HalBriston, Khameleon, PrecambrianMollusc, WinstonSmith, Sario, IdleThoughts[/spoiler]Day 2[spoiler]brewha(16): [del]bufftabby(373-417)[/del], Chronos(538), [del]Biotop(543-909)[/del], BoozaholSquid(556), Cometothe…Cookies(575), [del]sachertorte(576-913)[/del], [del]HookerChemical(621-688)[/del], bufftabby(622), DrainBead(638), [del]raventhief(646-1002)[/del], paulwhoisaghost(703), Khameleon(716), Lakai(720), [del]HookerChemical(722-988)[/del], Meeko(726), ToeJam(730), Crys75(743), JohnnyBravo(767), Prof. Pepperwinkle(794), BillMc(947), TotalLost (957), InnerStickler(1033)

ToeJam(14): [del]raventhief(31-597)[/del], IdleThoughts(32), [del]Sunny Daze(34-318)[/del], Biotop(909), sachertorte(913), CaptainKlutz(950), sinjin(955), HookerChemical(988), guiri(995), brewha(998), ThingFish(1000), raventhief(1002), Sunny Daze (1023), MHaye(1036), jsgoddess(1038), nesta(1039)

Crys75(8): [del]Guiri(262-812)[/del], [del]SunnyDaze(568-1023)[/del], HockeyMonkey(584), DiggitCamara(588), AngeloftheNorth(595), Texcat(639), [del]CaptainKlutz(640-950)[/del], snfaulkner(641); [del]jsgoddess(795-976)[/del], Hawkeyeop(803), Zeriel(860), Scathach(959)

Texcat(1): Plumpudding (68)
Thing Fish(1): Pleonast(121)
Chronos(1): Nanook (151)
HockeyMonkey(1): HoopyFrood(663)
snfaulkner(1): [del]DiggitCamara(250-588)[/del], [del]Texcat(633-639)[/del], [del]Guiri(812-995)[/del], koldanar(819)
Pleonast(1): Lightfoot(288), [del]HookerChemical(295-621)[/del], [del]ThingFish(297-1000)[/del], [del]jsgoddess(976-1038)[/del]

Plumpudding(0): [del]SunnyDaze (318-508)[/del]
Angelofthenorth(0): [del]Zeriel(60-529)[/del], [del]BoozaholSquid, P.I.(80-556)[/del]
Idle Thoughts(0): [del]Angelofthenorth (44-595)[/del]
BillMc(0): [del]DrainBead(132-638)[/del], [del]Texcat(179-633)[/del]
jsgoddess(0): [del]HoopyFrood(294-663)[/del]
DiggitCamara(0): [del]snfaulkner(332-641)[/del], [del]Paulwhoisaghost(386-699)[/del]
CaptainKlutz(0): [del]DrainBead(45-132)[/del], [del]SunnyDaze(567-568)[/del], [del]Crys75(583-743)[/del]
Meeko(0): [del]JohnnyBravo(169-767)[/del]
Sario(0): [del]Prof. Pepperwinkle(45-794)[/del], [del]Cometothe…Cookies(523-575)[/del]
Paulwhoisaghost(0): [del]Zeriel(529-860)[/del]
sachertorte(0): [del]Meeko(201-726)[/del], [del]brewha(806-998)[/del]

Non-voters(5): EnderW24, HalBriston, Precambrianmollusc, RedSkeezix, Sario[/spoiler]Day 3[spoiler]IdleThoughts(17): SunnyDaze(182), raventhief(207), [del]ToeJam(259-408)[/del], [del]HalBriston(300-923)[/del], [del]Prof.Pepperwinkle(398-692)[/del], [del]Paulwhoisaghost(515-710)[/del], Nanook(528), Biotop(533), JohnnyBravo(536), [del]Plumpudding(552-889)[/del], [del]Angelofthenorth(554-778)[/del], HockeyMonkey(576), Khameleon(593), sinjin(632), CaptainKlutz(699), Lightfoot(715), nesta(731), Hawkeyeop(758), BillMC(765), Zeriel(807), [del]snfaulkner(821-836)[/del], Angelofthenorth(873), [del]TexCat(874-908)[/del], Plumpudding(897), Cookies(917)

Prof. Pepperwinkle(14): [del]TexCat(278-874)[/del], jsgoddess(332), [del]Paulwhoisaghost(343-515)[/del], [del]Pleonast(345-602)[/del], InnerStickler(347), [del]Lightfoot(354-715)[/del], [del]HockeyMonkey(367-576)[/del], ToeJam(408), Bufftabby(420), [del]Biotop(458-532)[/del], Enderw24(588), IdleThoughts(590), Pleonast(602), Sachertorte(656), MHaye(674), Cygnus42(818), TotalLost(837), HoopyFrood(877), [del]ThingFish(901-903)[/del], TexCat(908), HalBriston(923)

Boozahol Squid(2): [del]HoopyFrood(286-877)[/del], [del]Angelofthenorth(303-554[/del]), [del]CaptainKlutz(487-699)[/del], Guiri(772), [del]Angelofthenorth(778-873)[/del], snfaulkner(83)

Khameleon(2): Meeko(319), [del]ThingFish(632-901)[/del], ThingFish(903)

Enderw24(1): [del]Nanook(28-528)[/del], Crys75(34)
Crys75(1): BoozaholSquid(499)
Sachertorte(1): [del]JohnnyBravo(14-536)[/del], [del]Prof. Pepperwinkle(339-398)[/del], Prof.Pepperwinkle(692)
ThingFish(1): [del]Pleonast(141-345)[/del], Diggitcamara(691)
HockeyMonkey(1): Lakai(704)
Diggitcamara(1): [del]Guiri(740-772)[/del], Paulwhoisaghost(796)
Pleonast(1): [del]Paulwhoisaghost(116-158)[/del], [del]Plumpudding(222-552)[/del], HookerChemical(814)

ToeJam(0): [del]HookerChemical(9-708)[/del], [del]snfaulkner(17-299)[/del], [del]BillMC(23-673)[/del], [del]Sinjin(53-632)[/del], [del]Biotop(112-296)[/del], [del]CaptainKlutz(118-298)[/del], [del]Angelofthenorth(134-303)[/del]

Non-voters(2): Koldanar, Scathach[/spoiler]Day 4[spoiler]DiggitCamara(14): Paulwhoisaghost(20), Totallost(172), Guiri(263), Koldanar(376), BillMC(422), HookerChemical(438), Prof.P(511), raventhief(516), Boozy(518), HoopyFrood(519), Lakai(521), SunnyDaze(529), Cygnus42(530), [del]JohnnyBravo(534-546)[/del], bufftabby (535)

BoozaholSquid(14): CaptainKlutz(45), EnderW24(102), Biotop(180), snfaulkner(192), [del]HookerChemical(262-438)[/del], DiggitCamera(288), Meeko(302), Hawkeyeop(320), Inner Stickler(346), Sachertorte(523), Plumpudding(524), Texcat(525), Cookies(543), HockeyMonkey(544), JohnnyBravo(546)

Prof. Pepperwinkle(6): [del]BoozaholSquid(48-61)[/del], [del]Pleonast(121-142)[/del], Pleonast(142), Nanook(152), [del]bufftabby(197-535)[/del], Zeriel(353), MHaye(417), sinjin(435), Lightfoot(473)

EnderW(1): Crys(15)

HookerChemical(0): [del]Lakai(46-440)[/del]
sachertorte(0): [del]Prof.P(419-511)[/del]
Meeko(0): [del]BoozaholSquid(314-518)[/del]
Texcat(0): [del]HoopyFrood(315-519)[/del]
Biotop(0): [del]Lakai(440-521)[/del], [del]sachertorte(452)[/del]
Paulwhoisaghost(0): [del]Texcat(471-525)[/del]
Hal Briston(0): [del]Plumpudding(298-524)[/del], [del]HockeyMonkey(305-527)[/del]
Khameleon(0): [del]JohnnyBravo(26-534)[/del], [del]HoopyFrood(52-315)[/del], [del]Prof.P(154-419)[/del]

Not voting(4): HalBriston, Khameleon, Nesta, Scathach[/spoiler]Day 5[spoiler]Prof Pepperwinkle(15): Hawkeyeop(6), paulwiag(19), Lakai(50), bufftabby(57), [del]snfaulkner(68-231)[/del], sinjin(104), Biotop(129), CaptainKlutz(138), [del]JohnnyBravo(142-296)[/del], DarkCookies(192), Khameleon(201), Mhaye(224), LightFoot(230), Zeriel(257), Cygnus42(353), Nanook(395), Koldanar(431)

TexCat(3): PlumPudding(38), HoopyFrood(229), nesta(438)

Nanook(2): Sachertorte(225), HookerChemical(253)
Sachertorte(2): JohnnyBravo(296), Prof P(445)

Johnny Bravo(1): InnerStickler(314), [del]Koldanar(341-357)[/del]
Khameleon(1): Snfaulkner(231)
Paulwhoisaghost(1): TexCat(22)
TotalLost(1): Guiri(429)[/spoiler]Day 6[spoiler]Inner (7): Texcat(55), Johnny(81), Hooker(85), Raven(89), Cygnus(127), Lakai(188), Ender(198)

Texcat (4): Hoopy(24), [del]Klutz(26-102)[/del], Plump([del]31-50[/del],50), Guiri(94), Nesta(205)

Khameleon (3): snfaulkner(6), [del]Johnny(10-81)[/del], Crys(173), Lightfoot(201)
Hal (3): Bufftabby(143), Hawkeyeop(162), MHaye(208)

Johnny (1): Inner(32)
Zeriel (1): Biotop(65)
Snfaulkner (1): Khameleon(182)
Cygnus (1): Klutz(185)

Klutz (0): [del]Texcat(35-55)[/del]
Total (0): [del]Guiri(40-94)[/del]

Not voting (9): Cookies, Hal, Koldanar, Nanook, Scathach, Sinjin, Total, Zeriel[/spoiler]
Day 8[spoiler]
Cygnus42 (8): LightFoot(143), guiri(149), Koldanar(161), Zeriel(163), Khameleon(164), nesta(167), Nanook170), MHaye(179)

Koldanar (4): Scathach(13), [del]Johnny Bravo(103-128)[/del], Texcat(172), hawkeyeop(176), sinjin(177)

Johnny Bravo (3): Lakai(132), bufftabby(144), Cygnus42(166)

Zeriel (2): Biotop(49), CaptainKlutz(169)

nesta (1): Johnny Bravo(128)

Lakai (0): [del]Nanook(107-170)[/del]

Texcat (0): [del]Guiri(67-149)[/del]
Khameleon (0): [del]snfaulkner(68-115)[/del], [del]JohnnyBravo(70-103)[/del], [del]Zeriel(82-98)[/del]
Nanook (0): [del]Lakai(73-132)[/del], [del]Khameleon(80-93)[/del]

Not voting (3): Plumpudding, Raventhief, snfaulkner
Day 9[spoiler]

bufftabby(10): JohnnyBravo(123), CaptainKlutz(128), Scathach(129), Raventhief(130), snfaulkner(135), Zeriel(140), Plumpudding(147), Texcat(174), Nesta(201), Koldanar(207)

Zeriel(2): Biotop(81), Lakai (194)
JohnnyBravo(3): bufftabby(101), LightFoot(106), hawkeyeop(145)
Plumpudding(2): Nanook(234), MHaye(245)
Koldanar(0): [del]Texcat(53-174)[/del]

Not voting(1): sinjin

hawkeyeop had an improperly formatted vote for JohnnyBravo in 145
Nanook had an improperly formatted vote for Plumpudding in 234
They are included in this unofficial vote count
Day 1[spoiler]
[COLOR=“darkorange”]Zeriel/COLOR: snfaulkner(73), Biotop(78), Lakai(92), JohnnyBravo(100), Scathach(130), CaptainKlutz(131), Texcat(136)
Texcat(4): Plumpudding(76), Koldanar(129), Raventhief(133), hawkeyeop(134)
hawkeyeop(1): sinjin(33)
Koldanar(0): [del]JohnnyBravo(43-53)[/del]

Plumpudding(0): [del]Texcat(94-136)[/del]
JohnnyBravo(1): MHaye(137)

Not voting(2): Nanook, Zeriel

Something I forgot to add:

Day 5
Not voting(6): crys75, EnderW24, HalBriston, Meeko, Scathach, TotalLost

At the moment, we know that there is a minimum of zero scum in this list:

Johnny Bravo

But if you’re in fact VT, then **you **know for a fact that there is at least one scum there.

If you claim VT, then **all **the players know for a fact that there is at least one scum in this list:

Johnny Bravo

And so on. The order in which players claim VT affects the math for that particular player. At the moment I feel like the players who put themselves out there early (plumpudding and raventhief) get a certain amount of town cred because they were willing to place themselves in a very small pool. Players who are refusing to claim are getting the side-eye from me because they’re withholding information from town at a point when we need information very badly to maintain the lead.

And yeah, I’ve been wanting the Patsy to claim for a while. That hasn’t changed except to become more important in my mind. We’re gaining nothing by their continued silence. We absolutely do not want to lynch the patsy at this point, so the power is moot, and I also would rather not spend a day glomming on to a player who will end up claiming once under pressure. It takes a **lot **of time to go through a player’s record at this point.

One more thing, Texcat:

Why are you concerned about giving information to Mafia at this point? They’re all that’s left. They now know the alignment of every player in the game. From their perspective, what’s the difference between a VT, the patsy, and the remaining two power roles?

The only reason for the patsy to not claim at this point is if you would advocate that the patsy should allow themselves to be lynched so that they can use their power. That would be horrendously anti-town because it would, if they blew up a VT with the vengeance kill, result in us losing the game the next Day, as Mafia+Cult would outnumber all remaining town.

I think you’re continuing to advocate that the patsy not claim because you don’t want the scum pool to shrink. I also think you’re continuing to advocate that the patsy not claim because you’re hoping that the patsy will let themselves get lynched and potentially kill another townie. I think you see “no point” in claiming VT because you see no point in providing information to town.

So I’ll start here.

vote Texcat

Dear Patsy,

These are the current numbers:

3 claimable town (Mhaye, Captain Klutz, and you)
3 Vanilla Town
2 cult (Koldanar and sinjin)
3 mafia

I do not know whether you are figuring that you might use your power if you get lynched, but consider what happens if you do and you choose incorrectly. We lose you to the lynch. We lose a VT with your response kill. Mafia uses their kill on a claimed role (let’s say MHaye for the sake of argument).

That means that toMorrow, we would start like this:

Day 12
1 claimed town (Captain Klutz)
2 Vanilla town
2 cultists
3 Mafia

That’s game. The cultists throw in with Mafia (of course they do - their win condition lets them win with anyone) and they have five votes against three town. Cult: I’m not trying to fearmonger against you guys - I’m assuming that you two would play to win. I would in your shoes.

Even if Mafia didn’t try for that strategy, town would have to lynch successfully every day from then on. With a successful lynch, the following Day would start like this:

Day 13
Claimed town: 0
Vanilla town: 2
Cult: 2
Mafia: 2

Then like this:

Day 14
Claimed town: 0
Vanilla town: 1
Cult: 2
Mafia: 1

And then, finally, like this:

Day 15
Claimed town: 0
Vanilla town: 0
Cult: 2

That’s a town victory. It would require three successful lynches **in a row **, and that assumes two cultists who decide to stretch the game out for three additional weeks of play rather than simply win the game. Also note that, starting on Day 14, the cultists determine the lynch. And they don’t care who dies at that point so long as it’s not one of them.

So please, if you agree that your power has the *potential *to lose the game for town, then consider that you’re better off claiming and helping us focus on finding mafia. Even if you think I’m scum, look at the numbers and decide for yourself.

I dont see the point in the Patsy not claiming at this point, but since I am not it, I don’t have a say. I am surprised that more people have not claimed VT - I suppose it could be a mafioso ploy.

Goodbye wolves and good riddance. You were getting hair all over the carpets.

Nanook: Glad you are ok. I hope to play in another game with you soon.

Lakia: You played a very good mason game. May our paths cross again.


TexCat, I was wrong about you being Zeriel’s teammate. I still do not think I am wrong about you being Scum.

**Vote Texcat **


Johnny Bravo, I do not understand why Lutha would side with Mafia. They do not have to side with anyone. They just need to live.

At this point I am sick and tired of talking about the Patsy. I advocate a claim so we do not have to keep going on about it. Under no circumstances should you, Patsy, let yourself be mislynched.

I am vanilla Town.

Bye Nanook and Lakai.

I agree with the patsy claiming. A bit surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

Anyway, vote TexCat

**Vote Texcat. **

I’m a little confused here. You say 12 people are living, but only list 11. Which number is correct?

Wow. That was a fast 4 votes. Anybody got a case, or is just copying Plum’s case of looking for something suspicious, finding nothing, and thinking that I must be scum if you can’t find anything suspicious about me.

I do note that all 4 of those votes are from the unconfirmed pool. Very likely that scum is voting me!

What’s the difference for mafia between VT, the Patsy, and the remaining power roles? Come on, Johnny, are you just trying to play dumb? The obvious difference is that the VT are lynchable and the others are not. And that includes the Patsy who is not lynchable unless they want to be.

And I think that you are not giving the Patsy nearly enough credit. Why not let them claim in their own time? Perhaps they are waiting to see who tries to make a case on them. Perhaps they have a plan. Why are you trying to run the show here? It’s beginning to feel like mafia leading us around by our noses. Although I notice that some are quick to follow your lead.

**Who had the other Batman switch? **

I’ve been looking at the Brewha brouhaha on Day 2. Not much was happening that Day, until Brewha, Chrys and the switches took over the discussion.

It started when Chronos pointed out Brewha’s lie and voted him. Lots of people followed. There were also lots of votes for Chrys. Late in the Day there was a sudden rush on ToeJam, with many people moving their votes from Brewha and Chrys. Brewha was the final lynch, but it was very close.

Now, who most wanted a Brewha lynch? He had claimed the Batman switch. If your scum team had the other switch then great, you would be very happy for a Brewha lynch. Conversely, if your team did not have the other switch then you would suppose that the other scum team had it. In this case you would rather Brewha survive, so as to not give the other scum team control over Batman.

Here are the votes (just the top 3 vote getters. The full count is further up the page if you want to check it out):

Interestingly, there are no known mafia on the Brewha wagon. The wolf votes are spread out a bit, but they had three voting for Brewha.

Brewha was a safe vote. It was easily justifiable. But mafia certainly appeared to keep clear. What about Godfather Guiri? What was his opinion of the whole Brewha thing? Curiously, he didn’t say much about it. His first mention was in 809, where he defends Brewha and disparages Chrys:

Then 951 he says that he didn’t find either lynch leader [Brewha and Chrys] likely to be scum:

In 961 again lends some support to Brewha:

In addition, in 986 TexCat says that Brewha’s lie is not lynch worthy:

And in 991, mafiate Sunny Daze says the same:

It really looks like mafia did not want a Brewha lynch. But the wolves were happy with it. It’s rather likely that the other Batman switch was held by the wolves.
So, looking at the Brewha wagon, there are 3 unknowns: Biotop, raventhief and JohnnyBravo.
Biotop and raventhief unvoted, but JohnnyBravo stayed. I’m putting JohnnyBravo as Least Likely To Be Scum (actually, I have thought that for a fair while. This is just some more supporting evidence).

Biotop and raventhief are another matter. Biotop’s vote switch to ToeJam was the start of the ToeJam rush. It was actually a one off at the time, so looking fairly unlikely to make a difference. Raventhief’s was a fair bit later (9th vote). But I am inclined to give both Biotop and raventhief some non-mafia credit.

Another interesting post from Guiri is 1060, where he finds Raventhief’s vote switch to be particularly noteworthy (although it’s hard to say whether he is smudging someone, or distancing himself from a fellow mafiate):

In all this, it is TexCat’s defence that stands out. This defending a liar, rather than making an easy vote for him, was one of the things that made me regard TexCat as more likely town. So now I am doing another 180 and reading her action as scum.
So, of the unknowns:


I have JohnnyBravo as most likely town, with Biotop and Raventhief as mostly-leaning town.

Of the others I have Plumpudding as less likely mafia, due to Sunny Daze’s repeated votes for him. So my scum list is:


(I note in passing that these 3 have not yet voted, the other 4 unknowns have voted)

So, after all that,

Vote TexCat

**Cookies ** claimed the other Batman switch here. At least that’s how I read it.