Mafia Reunion - Day Two

the board glitched/errored and my post above was doubled- sorry about that chief- It was not so important that I needed it there twice.

Sow your own wifom?

You seem convinced that turning off the bodyguard has value? do you seriously see one scum protecting another? if town shot at X and Y died, and Y flipped as scum, then X would also be scum - the switch in the on position would reveal two scum if the scum used the bodyguard power.

So you’re now not claiming your previous claim?

I was prepared to vot Crys based on her previous posts, but I now see Sach has also claimed cultist - so that lends some credence to the existence on the cult. At some point we will need to lynch one of the cultists to verify their wincon that they are non-hostile, and that may need to happen before we trust them as a voting bloc.
Lynch all liars is a so so policy - we’ve already had the “i am town” discussion on d1, and there are times that it is in towns benefit for town to lie and lead scum down a rathole. But why did brewha feel the need to apparently fabricate a description of his switch - the mods have said they all behave the same. I really don’t follow Brewha’s logic, the only thing in his favour is him coming forward to clarify the fact that the scum don’t hold all the town switches…but that clarification is only true if brewha is town.

With only a few hours left in the day, with brewha and crys being so far ahead of everyone else it’s a lessor of two evils. if we can trust the cult, then keeping them alive as a voting bloc is in towns interest.

vote: brewha

oog…airborne enroute to tokyo for the rest of today

I agree. The threads length in it self is daunting. Part of my problem with trying to keep up D2. As I have said - for that I am very sorry.

I disagree. I think the soft claim was done so obviously and blatant, that any scum would want to stay as far away for septimus as possible. I can see townies vote because a soft-claim really isn’t enough to unvote/not vote in itself. IMO.

I can try :slight_smile:
Since some of us read it as a soft claim and others as a sort of “slip” I was interested in learning if he did indeed soft claim or not.

I’ve been reading for 4 hours and still only halfway through this day.
Will try to catch up but time is running out for me.

I’m at the discussion regarding the Brewha-Batman-plan and thinking it more an academic discussion with a lot of what-if.
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Ok sachertorte, that makes sense of your odd vote for brewha (I really thought you were scum for that vote).

Your breadcrumbs pretty well confirm you, in my book. We still don’t know if you are non-hostile, but that may resolve itself in the near future.

Unvote Crys75
Vote ToeJam

(Moving to ToeJam as he is still my best bet for scum and his reveal will greatly help the unravelling of Day 1)

I was voting Crys, and evaluated both lynch leaders and their claims, and found that I don’t think either of them very likely to be scum. Every vote on a new candidate is a one-off until others get a chance to review it, looking at D1, I suspect we could still muscle up enough votes for a new contender. I’ll also evaluate any other candidates as we near EoD and will consider moving if there’s a better one. Also, if we get close to the deadline and we’re missing just one or two votes for the second lynch, I’ll certainly re-evaluate the potential information gain.

I think that brewha is a terrible lynch for toDay. While “lynch all liars” is the best of the policy votes, it is not absolute. In this case he lied to conceal that he held a switch. That is not a totally unreasonable thing to do, but it has backfired rather badly.

For those that are concerned about the PM mismatch, see my post #902 (okay, you may think that I made up that PM to the mods - there is no way to prove it’s genuine).

For those you think it is a scum gambit to find the other Batman switch, I really can’t see how this works. I mean, if I am scum and have a Batman switch, I’m likely to assume that the other scum team hold the other switch. Then they would want me dead in order to get full control. So revealing yourself just makes you a target for the other scum team.

In addition, if scum wanted to try such a gambit, why choose brewha? He has already indicated he does not have a switch, so why not pick someone else?

Someone also suggested that it might me a gambit to get town cred. After all, lots of people regarded him as their “most likely townie”. But that doesn’t make real sense either. Remember there is another scum team - they now see someone who is not one of them, has a switch and is regarded as very likely town. That looks like a very big target.

So no, I don’t agree with a brewha lynch toDay.

(if he flips scum I am going to look really bad. So be it)

OK, I was poking you for your D1 contributions that did not appear to match your availability, and I suspected lurking. Today you’ve been much more active, so that just applies to D1, and not anymore.

If you believe she is a harmless survivor, with no power other than the switch and her vote, then she’s not much of a threat and can work in town’s favor. Vote records are public, and we have a range of powers to confirm her claim. What do you mean by “confirmed scum”, isn’t that a rarity in any game?

I won’t be around at end of Day. I’ll check back again in around an hour and that will be it for me.

vote Toejam
I believe Crys and sachertort are telling the truth. Can’t type much on my phone. Crys was obviously on meds when she posted goofy stuff.

Only read to this so far. But will vote to get it on record:

Vote Brewha

If we have a second lynch I’ll be fine with it being Crys.
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Do you remember Chronos’ thing where people were asked to post “I am not third party”? I think around 10-15 players out of 54 did, I would not have looked into that pool on N1 but hey, someone could have been lying with no hope of ever being believed later.

I think one mason claiming would be required to control the cultists - someone who can be trusted to be working in town’s best interest, without exposing the entire masonry.

Sorry as I said, I’m away right now.

Vote crys

I’m not a proponent of lynch all liars particularly. Given sach also claimed then lynching crys to see if she’s telling the truth will give us some more info. Also I’m pro the double lynch.

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No it doesn’t - if LUTHA is real, then the other cultists all know that Crys is one of them, so long as the mods didn’t give the cultist PM to anyone else (that seems pretty unlikely to me).

I think the most important thing here is that the cultists (if they are real) are being given a chance to come out and help town as a block. If they all claim later and say, “hey town, we want to help you win!” we can point to Day 2 and ask them why the hell they didn’t help us now.

Did he fabricate a description? Klutz’s quote looks like mods confirmed the PMs are different but say the same thing

dumb question?maybe.
has anyone checked to see if the PMs were sent by different Mods?

NETA your question is not dumb, Guiri. Mine might be

Now I’ve caught up, and will happily reinstate my D1 vote on ToeJam if that gains more traction than snfaulkner

Ughh… Okay, I’ve read all of toDay… Sorry I’ve been away for a while, busy at school.

So, two claimed 3P, Crys75 and sachertorte. Brewha claimed a batman switch and Captain Klutz claimed a [redacted] scumrole switch.

Lots of blather about switches, lots of half-baked plans involving switches and whatnot.

Crys75: Very confusing claim, seems confused him/herself, especially regarding his/her own switch, was confused earlier about which other claim corresponded with his/hers. Blames medicine. Partly backed up by sachertortes claim. I think I’m gonna go ahead and believe this for now.

brewha: Claimed batman switch, caught in a lie, claims nilla. I don’t see scummy reasons for this, but I don’t see any reason for this - other than he fucked up, I guess.

Captain Klutz: Claimed a scumrole switch.

I am so tired of switches… I hope everyone understands them by now (0/0 – on, 1/0 – off, 0/1 – off, 1/1 – on, right?). To me it feels like half a Day or more was wasted talking about them. I sort of feel Meeko. If you think it proved to be fruitful, good for you, I just felt it added a bunch of unecessary confusion.

brewha rose to lynch-leader, with Crys75 in second. Now some people from both wagons have jumped onto ToeJam.

I would like two lynches toDay. The more eliminations controlled by town, the better I think. Even better if they are out in the open. I realise it’s probably too late. But I’m up for it, though I don’t really feel brewha or Crys75. I could go along with a ToeJam lynch, also a Pleo lynch and of course TexCat. I prefer to vote my conscience, right now I’m not convinced to move to brewha or Crys.