Mafia Reunion - Day Two

I find it very odd that you detach Brewha’s lie from the rest of the situation.

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I’m sure there are plenty of non switch holders participating. I’m sorry you feel you cannot do the same.

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Geez, there’s not enough facepalms for you bunch.

When you guys figure out that I’m town, and told nothing but the truth aside from one throw away phrase that meant absolutely nothing in the post, you really need to look at those opposing me.

Vote Sacherote

He was the most agressively opposed to my claim - before my inconsistent statement was pointed out. Look at him seriously as scum

As for the rest of my voters - look at those who simply claim I’m a liar and need to be lynched. The ones that don’t bother analyzing my motivations and are simply jumping on a juicy bandwagon - those are the opportunist scum.

I’m really sorry I messed up. But, I OK with a lynch. My claim was for several reasons.

  1. I needed to dispell the rumor that town power switches were held by scum - done
  2. I wanted to find out what the switch mechanic was - serial, parrallel, or a toggle - done.
  3. I wanted to know if the news of switch possession was announced at ones death - also done.

It would have been nice to prove all that without dying, but I guess you can’t make an omelette without scrambling some eggs.

And, since I am just a vanilla town - I dont’ mind getting lynched to get some good info out to the rest of the town. Just a pawn hoping the King will get the job done.

But, this is going to be what? 6 straight townie deaths? When you see I flip town, get your shit together, analyze those voting me and saying my claim was a bad idea, and stop killing townies.

I still wanna win this thing.

I say post anyway… who cares what someone else already said… if you post your thoughts then we have vocal players saying the same thing. Censoring yourself because someone else already said something similar doesn’t really help town. At end game it gives a record of your thoughts throughout the game.

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I have posted several possible motivations for Crys’s actions that are consistent with their claimed role. Did you miss these or disagree with them but chose not to vocalize your disagreements?

Your statement about Brewha is also confusing to me. You seem to be saying that either he has the switch or is scum… the phrase “I’m more inclined to think he is scum” suggests that you think it’s an either or situation… but then you proceed to to speak as if Brewha is scum and has the switch… in spite of your stated belief that brewha is scum, you put your vote on Crys who you believe is 3rd party. This makes no sense to me. If you are so worried about a 3rd party hitting their wincon before town, shouldn’t you also believe that scum have even more reason to kill Crys?

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Paul, you’re voting brewha because you suspect he’s scum trying to find either batman or the other batman switch holder, right? And you’re not voting Crys because she’s claimed non-exclusive 3rd party who is not a threat to town, and there’s no scum motivation for her claim?

I get the first bit, still seems like an overly risky ploy to identify a player who so far has not killed scum and usually hurts town more than not.

As for Crys, so little of her claim makes sense - we are clearly missing her real motivation - investigating Drain, when there was a massive pool of non-claimants, not claiming D1 when invited to, not stepping in to save Colby, Toejam or Lakai but considering brewha worth the risk for no clear reason, confusing/misreading the role her switch controls.

Brewha, it’s asking a lot to forgive that one lie…

The vote count in 791 shows 16 votes for Brewha, but lists only 14 names. You seem to be missing votes (as well as missing their unvotes) from Crys[743] and JohnnyB[767]

I tried to go back and find what posts you were referring to, but didn’t find anything that refuted my points. I found your arguments on how Crys’s would go about searching for his allies, but no discussion on why it would be necessary to do so. The information given says he can with or without knowing them, so why would he be so desperate that he would claim to find them? He risked a lot for a minor gain, and that doesn’t sound like a survivor to me.

Also, from a game design standpoint, I don’t think a player would be given that type of power unless there was a really reason they needed to find their associates, and I don’t see that here. If you have anything specific that I’m not addressing, let me know.

I thought I said that he probably has the switch he claims, but it is more likely that he is a scum with a switch than a town with a switch. I’m not sure why you are confused. As to why I don’t vote for him, well I could be wrong. So yes it is better to hit scum than 3rd party, but it is also better to hit 3rd party than town. So it comes down which case I feel more confident about, and for me that is Crys. I think it is possible than Brewha is a townie who made a careless mistake, but Crys actions seem more deliberate. That said, there is a lot of fishy things with Brewha’s behavior, so I’m okay with a double lynch.

So it was not related to whether the batman switch should be used to restrain the compulsory vig? You second and third reasons could have been resolved via PM with the mods - Klutz claims he got an answer, and for the first one, what difference does it make? Town players who have town switches already know it, so it’s not as if you’re helping them, and non-town players won’t really care.

Has Crys explained this yet?

It’s not a binary choice, Crys may be friendly, brewha may have made a mistake, but there are still 12+ scum plus unknown others out there.

Vote snfaulkner

For these posts where he believes Crys and her claim but is voting her because he’s not sure how we can ensure she votes with town:

Where did I ask forgiveness? I fucked up and am willing to accept the consequences.

But, if anyone is voting for me because they think I’m scum trying to find Batman - really analyze that motivation. Batman is more a liability than a asset to the town right now. If scum wanted to take out batman, it’d be more of an end game gambit.

I’d love to hear any good explanation of why scum would do what I did. There is no scenario that is less complex than the real answer.

You really need to elaborate. Really.

This is the behavior I’m talking about. No analysis. No explanation as to how my inconsistent statements could possible be beneficial to town. Just quoting my admission of guilt and voting. If it’s not scummy behavior, it’s lazy as hell.

Dead people get a vote?

Did you miss that lakai subbed back in?

Sinjin I second this. It’s nice to hear it phrased differently or to hear from other voices.

psst. In green maybe?

Bleached by me.

I don’t like the train on Crys. I don’t understand the reasons for the claim, but I don’t distrust them.

I am going with the assumption at this point that Crys is a neutral third party, according to their claim. Going with that, I don’t see any benefit to lynching, when not a single scum is gone, yet. I would even expect the scum to of Crys at some point, if they believe the switch claim.

[bold] Vote snfaulkner [/bold]

Your vote is anti town at this point, and your justification is bad, here

Must have. Rubs me the wrong way actually: I believe that the mere act to sub a dead player back in makes a re-read that much harder.

Complain to the powers that be that the horrible ads caused us to have no other option than to sub him back. We had a different sub lined up but they backed out when they saw the crazy popup adds.

I’m glad Lakai got to play, but it was very much a lady resort. We are really trying to avoid mod kills.

Speaking of, we are looking at three coming up. We have, maybe, one covered. Any ideas?

Was it a mod mistake that the beta wolf and the consigliere are both described as the young duvall lookalike?

Please check the following. I have tried to revise and make it accurate.


1 – brewha (17 votes) – Chronos (538), Biotop (543), Boozahol Squid (556), Cometothe…Cookies (575), sachertorte (576), bufftabby (622), Drain Bead (638), raventhief (646), paulwhoisaghost (702), Khameleon (716), Lakai (720), HookerChemical (722), Meeko (726), ToeJam (730), crys(743), Johnnyb(767), Profpepper(794)

2- Crys75 (10 votes) – Guiri (262), Sunny Daze (568), Hockey Monkey (584), DiggitCamara (588), AngeloftheNorth (595), Texcat (639), Captain Klutz (640), snfaulkner (641); jsgodess(795), Hawkeyeop(803),

snfaulkner(2) - Guiri(812), koldanar(819),

Pleonast (2 votes) – Lightfoot (288), Thing Fish (297)

ToeJam (Idle Thoughts – 32); Hockey Monkey (Hoopy Frood – 665); Texcat (Plumpudding – 68); Thing Fish (Pleonast -121); Chronos (Nanook – 151); paulwhoisaghost (Zeriel – 529); sachertorte(brewha - 806);

With the current vote count, brewha, and only brewha, will be lynched. 17 votes are required for the second place vote-getter to die.

Day 2 will end at 3:00PM Eastern Standard Time tomorrow (Sunday, January 22), or in about 28 hours. As a friendly reminder, all Day actions must be submitted by this time.

As always, there are no powers that affect the vote count. Any apparent irregularities are the result of moderator error.