Magdalene, if I may bend your ear for a second...

Magdalene, in this thread, you and I got into a bit of a verbal tiff. I wanted to apologize for my comments. I had a shit day yesterday, and it was reflected in several of my posts. Nothing personal against you. It put me on the defensive when I shouldn’t have been, and I apologize.

So? Did you get the loan or what?

I didn’t get a chance to call them last night, so I find out today.

I appreciate the apology, Superdude - we both got a bit snippy.

Do you understand why some people get a wee bit annoyed with the flirting, though? Some threads are tailor made for it, and in those threads, flirt away, and god be with ye.

But when people are having a discussion about something, it’s rude and sort of kindergarten to swoop in for the sole purpose of making googly eyes at someone. I’ve been on the boards for about a year and a half, and after a while it just gets old.

So, apology accepted, and I hope you understand me better now.

It took everything I had in me to not go for the sophomoric flirt-filled reply. I managed to resist, and now I post to prevent others from doing so.

evil laugh, and lightning flashes and thunder crashes

Damn, magdalene, you getting all rational like that makes me so hot.