Mainly male question: Femininity and hair

What percentage of a woman’s femininity is located in the length of her hair? Please give a number.

What would it mean for men if all women were to adopt the hairstyles of Hillary Swank in “Girls Don’t Cry” and Demi Moore in “GI Jane”? Would it just be a lesson in how gender differences can be culturally-imposed or would men lose interest in women en-masse?

Did a man’s masculinity depend, once upon a time, on having long hair?

To me, about 0%. One girl (whom I had a very strong crush on at one time) had LOTS of hair. LONG hair. Another girl (whom I had an even stronger crush on, and still do) has (or “had”) much shorter hair (ear-length) for a while, and it didn’t decrease from her femininity one bit.

Then again, I was hardly unbiased… did I mention the latter example also had the brightest smile and the most beautiful blue eyes…?

It’s not ear length I’m talking about. It’s short back and sides. Imagine a Miss World contest in which all the contestants had crew cuts. You are self-delusional Spoofey.

Yeah, SPOOFE. And are you sure you were circumsized? Because you seem to be doing something wrong with short-haired women.

I think Sinead O’connor is hot!


For the most part, anyhow. It depends on the woman, but I have found myself madly attracted to women with very short hair, then turn around and chase after one with long hair.

If I were to gauge femininity based on hair length, it would make me a girly-man since I have very long hair, myself.

No, it just makes you a human being. Both men and women have head hair that will grow until it’s cut.

I don’t think the length of a girls ears should matter. We’re all people…lets just try to get along. My Dad has big ears, we used to turn him around to tune into Sky sports - haven’t tried that with women, yet. Don’t know if he was circumcised - perhaps there’s a link. Sinead O’Connor - Ding Dong.

IMHO, some women look very, very feminine with short hair and some don’t. Probably helps to have great bones and a characterful countenance. Hope that helps.

Your Dad has Big Ears because Noddy won’t pay the ransom. That used to be funny too.

And out come the Enid Blyton jokes :wink:

Hair lenght doesn’t make a difference. sometimes a Shaven head can be beautiful (Sinead O’Connor, ding Dong!) but a bald head can be disgusting (Barbara Cartland. eeuugghh…)

Dutch singer Sugar Lee Hooper

Please, put any beverages or food down before clicking that link.

I was wondering what happened to Buster Bloodvessel!

G. Nome wrote:

"What would it mean for men if all women were to adopt the hairstyles of Hillary Swank in “Girls Don’t Cry” and Demi Moore in “GI Jane”?"

We’ll I, for one, would feel like I died and went to heaven. I adore women with short hair. There’s nothing sexier. The shorter the better. I guess it’s a fetish thing.

Naturally, most guys think I’m nuts, which is A-okay, since that leaves all the short-haired beauties for me.

I just love women. However, if I have to come up with a preference, I think hair down to the middle of the shoulder blades is the ideal length. But I’ve lusted after women with hair ranging from nearly bald to thigh-length.

Strange thing, that.

A few years ago, I probably would have said close to %100, but I’ve changed my tune.
I love long hair. I have long hair. I think everybody should have long hair.
When I met my wife she had long hair, after a while she said “I think I’ll cut it.” I pleaded with her not to, but she did anyway, and it looked sexy as hell. I loved it. Of course I still try to convince her to grow it long again, but whenever she gets a haircut, I envariably love it on her. Hmm, here’s a thought, maybe I actually love my wife and not her haircut. Fascinating.

Am I the only one around here who can follow instructions? The number is 17.42%, give or take 0.03%.

Seriously, like Anthracite, I prefer moderately long hair (somewhere between shoulder-length and mid-back). I have to admit that a woman can look good with short hair, especially as a temporary change of pace.

David Feldman in one of his Imponderables[sup]®[/sup] books reached the frustrating conclusion that men like women with long hair but women are convinced men like women with short hair. I think it’s a conspiracy by hairdressers, since short hair has to be cut more often to look good.

I prefer short hair. Long hair seems so… Blah.

I prefer from a mid-shoulder blade cut to a just under the ears cut. Preferably a chin-length bob.


When we were kids I had short hair and my sister had long hair - my mother wanted it that way for some reason. I spent my childhood watching her get fondled by every party clown we came across. She always got an extra 3min 50 sec on Santa’s knee as well - I don’t know if she ever found that toy in his pocket. So I am biased and quite possibly still suffering trauma resulting from a pre-pubescent hair experiment the results of which lead me to doubt the male support for short hair shown here. A lot of tastes are catered for in the world of pornography - men who like fat women, for instance, are well provided for - but I never saw a porn magazine for short-hair fetishists.

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**And out come the Enid Blyton jokes :wink:
Have you heard the one about Noddy and his Magic Rubber?