Major crisis! I can't get into my voice mail. Any ideas?

Ok, I was out of town for work all week, and just arrived home. Well, I have new voice mail, as the dial tone and the flashing light inform me(ever so nicely too). Unfortunately, my passcode is not working, so I can’t retrieve my messages. I know that I had a call from work, because it’s on the caller ID. But I can’t listen to the message. sigh. I suppose I’ll get over it, but this is wierd. Anyone know about the bellsouth voicemail system, or am I going to have to call them and find out?

Oh, and there’s no ‘real’ food in my apartment. I mean, girl scout cookies are good, but I want something filling.

Ah well, it’s that kinda day. No big stress, just enough to make me go hmmmm…what kind of games are the fates playing today?

Call the phone company you deal with (it sounds like thats who your voicemail is through, correct?) After they verify who you are they will fix you up. Happened to me too. No problem.