Make like a _______ and _______.

Make like a rug and roll!

Make like a tree and leaf!

Make like horse shit and hit the dusty trail!

Make like a shepherd and get the flock out of here!

Make like Gretzky and get the puck out of here!

C’mon, what are some more?

Make like a banana and split.

I can’t think of any more right now, but I wanted to get one original one in there.

Just a few results from Googling “make like a * and *:”

Make like a banana and split
Make like a fetus and head out
Make like a tom and cruise
Make like a rock and roll
Make like a horn and blow
Make like a planet and spin
Make like a nail and press on
Make like a bowel and move
Make like a trailer and get hitched

Of course my favorite, and the one my wife uses on a regular basis, is from “Back to the Future:”

Make like a tree and get out of here

Make like a drum, and beat it.

Make like an egg and get laid.

If you want to ditch any pretense of being clever…

Make like your sister (or any suitable person) and (insert extremely lewd act here).

I shouldn’t drink and post, I have a bad mind.

:: choking on *Fosters * ::
I forgot that one !!!

How 'bout… Make like a Rum & Coke. No? Ok…

I chuckled.

Make like Mel Torme and scat

Make like United and fly

Make like a tuck and roll.

Let’s blow this pop stand.

Hello, I must be going.

The only one I can remember that hasn’t been mentioned already is… Make like the north wind and blow.

Make like Brave Sir Robin and RUN AWAY!!

Make like Hansel & Gretel and get lost.

Make like a pimp and turn tail.

Make like cremation ashes and scatter.

Make like a library and book.

Make like an ungulate and hoof it.

Make like a priest and bugger (off).

Make like Sister Bertrille and take a flying leap.

Make like an asian cook-ware thief and take a wok.

Make like Ned Flanders and ski-diddle-daddle.

Make like Paul Ruben and beat it.

Make like Lance Armstrong and … On yer bike!

Make like Christopher and start Walken.

Make like Benny and jet.

Make like mint jelly and go on the lam.

Make like a dog and flea.

Make like Wendy and leave me alone.

Make like a donkey delivery truck driver and haul ass.

(Sorry so many, I’ll let somebody else have a turn now)

wow. just, wow. :eek:

:: Gesticulates wildly in NoPretentiousCodename’s general direction ::

I like this variation from Trailer Park Boys:

Why don’t you make like a tree and fuck off!

Just checking - Wendy Carlos?


Make like U-Haul and move.

That’s the best I got, sorry.

Make like a 1960s explorer and visit the Marianas Trench for 20 minutes.

Make like a banana and split??

I always thought it was make like an amoeba and split.

NO, no, no.

It’s make like a PEA and split.

Or make like Horse Turds, and hit the trail. <— that one was in the OP, barely different

A good one I heard from a co-worker, upon leaving for the night:

“Let’s make like Cheech and Chong and split this joint.”

“Make like Michael Jackson and beat it” works on more levels.