Make like a _______ and _______.

For reasons I can’t begin to analyze, this totally cracked me up.

Make like a douche and get the fuck out.

Lets make like balls and bounce.

Why don’t you two make like siamese twins and split?

Oh, and then one of you die.

I can’t believe no one posted a fave from my childhood – “Make like a scale, and go weigh.”

Make like a TDF[sup]1[/sup] power plant and burn rubber[sup]2[/sup].

[sub]1 - “Tire-derived Fuel”[/sub]
[sub]2 - What? Don’t give me that look…[/sub]

Wendy in the Beach Boys song.

Wow, my first SDMB Gesticulation. (Yay, me?)

Make like Judas and kiss off.

Make like Lee Iacocca and get the hell out of Dodge.

Make like a nun buying a whorehouse and get the fuck out of here.

Make like a U-Haul and get a move on.

Lets make like a crack whore and high-tail it out of here.

Make like Kermit and hop it!

Just thought of another:

Make like a nuke and SCRAM!
(Or for those of you who know the old MARF plant - Make like MARF and flush!)

Make like a nut and bolt

or one of my favorite misquotes…

Young Biff - “Why don’t you make like a tree and get out of here.”
Old Biff - “That’s leave you idiot!”

Make like a jazz saxophone player and scat!

Make like a camera and shoot!

Make like a tailor and shoo!

Damn you! Damn you to hell!!!

Make like a parolee and skip.
Make like Quebec and break away.
Make like a fart and cut out.
Make like a timber baron and clear out.
Make like a ox and plow.
Make like cant and elope.
Make like a tick and flee.
Make like an elk and vamoose.
Make like Dick and Jane and sally.

Make like an airline whore and fly the fuck outta here.

My favorite from Back to the Future, and I know Biff got it wrong:

“Make like a tree and get out of here!”

Make like Lee Sedol and Go.

Make like a mosquito and bite me.

Make like a zombie and shamble off.