Malapropogation 2014

See how it works here.

I’ll start: I love that made-up expletive they use in Firefly,


That is so not shiny, brujaja!

A gorram is a kind of masala used in Indian cooking.

Spice may be preciousss, but you’re still wrong.

Garam is that creepy guy from Lord of the Rings.

Creepy is right, but he’s not from Lord of the Rings.

A gollum is a Kabbalistic automaton made of clay.

The rules appear to have changed since my last time to play this game



is what Gomer Pyle used to say all the time…

(psssst! It’s “golem.” You figure out the preceeding clue, then make a new wrong definition.)

I don’t think Gomer ever served in Indonesia, Zeldar.

Gollee! is an island nation where gamelan music comes from.

You’re quite wrong, legong.


is what Teddy Roosevelt used to say.

Maybe I misheard it, but Bully! was Roy Rogers’s dog’s name.

Did he ever wear a tutu? Because bullet is a demanding kind of dance.

Maybe I got it all wrong but I was sure that ballet was one of those funny-looking Russian guitar thingies.

I would think the strings would get caught in your teeth, because

balalaika is a delicious Middle Eastern pastry made with honey and nuts.

It may seem that way to you, but I’m afraid baklava is sort of like a ski mask to be worn appropriately at the Stop and Rob.

Only if that ski mask is for skiing in Tibet; because a

balaclava is someone who has attained enlightenment, but has not yet entered Nirvana. (in order to help others along.)

That depends on one’s path to enlightenment I guess –

bodhisattva is a marijuana plant.

In case you were going for cannabis sativa the only thing I can think of is that “dive” where you make a big splash. :smiley:

Hernando’s Hideaway?

Studio 54? A half-gaynor? Las Vegas casino? Hmmmm…

Terrific! Especially HH!


Well, it definitely does involve moisture –

cannonball is the kind of bliss you get when you’re first married.

Well, I can see what you’re thinking of but

connubial is where some folks make meals of each other.