Male pigs and corkscrew shaped penises

I just wanted to say that it was this column, appearing in the Chicago Reader, that first brought the Straight Dope to my awareness.

Hmm, it appears that in 1984 Cecil did not know what “wanker” means.

Probably not. In 1984, it was pretty exclusively British. It was introduced to many Americans by the 1980s “British Invasion” of Angry Young Comic-book Writers.

Yeah, definitely one of the first I recall reading, though it may have been in the first book rather than actually in the Reader.

Hasn’t Cecil’s post been censored? I seem to recall that in the original he mentioned an animal porn book and said something like, “…the woman was, umm, administering to the pig…”


If someone was editing these columns to keep up with modern mores, I think they would have removed the reference to Cecil’s Riverfront Rendezvous before a mere bestiality reference.

I think I’m becoming aroused. :eek:

Question: Do they also have corkscrew tails, or was that just Porky the Pig in the Bugs Bunny cartoons?

More curly than actually corkscrew, but yes, pretty much.

What is that in reference to? I don’t see it in the article. I should also add that due to improvements in the Information Highway, pig penis photos are just a click away. Progress is amazing.

Does anyone have the books to look it up? I can’t find mine.


The online link above still mentions an assignation by Cecil with a girl who turned out to be a pig in the sack, but no animal porn book or veterinary photos.

Just popping in to say my first intro to Cecil and the Straight Dope was from a Chicago buddy, who had one of the books, and said you have to read this…and look at me now.

The Straight Dope got its first online home on AOL, where, yes, it was definitely censored. The Web version often copied the AOL version because it was already conveniently available in digital format. (Items that could not be found on AOL had to typed anew to get into the Web version.)

OK, the copy of the column in the book seems identical to the online version. Maybe someone else has a different edition?

Wasn’t the reference part of the question rather than Cecil’s response?

I want to say the question said something like, “I tried to research this myself but in all the photos I found, the blonde was in the way.”