Pig's cork-screw thingie?!?!?

I read somewhere that a pig’s, ah, privvy member, is helical, that is, shaped like a screw.
I have three questions:
1- is this true?
2- Is this where we get the sex slang “screw”?
3- Is it left-hand or right-hand thread?

A Lass 'tis true.


ObCecilLink: Does the pig have a corkscrew-shaped penis?

You haven’t lived until you have hand-mated a boar.
Cecil may not know, but anyone who has ever artificially inseminated a pig knows that you screw 'em clockwise.


WAAAAaaayy too much info, son…

“but anyone who has ever artificially inseminated a pig knows that you screw
'em clockwise.”

Excuse me. But you mean human screw pigs to inseminate them?

Originally posted by bare:


Ahhh, the joys of life on the farm. The freash air, the hard work, the giving hand jobs to livestock. Why did we ever leave this way of life behind? :slight_smile: It has been a couple of years since I’ve been on a working farm, but if memory serves, their is a device that can take care of the collection of semen without the, uh, hands on part. I think its called an electric ejaculator (sp), and it is put up the critter’s rectum to give his prostate a mild shock to make him, well, ejaculate. To be honest, neither one of these sound great. I feel for the guys who collect semen from bulls and stallions. Pigs can get big, but these guys could stomp you to death!!!
Anyway, I have really digressed, enolancooper, if you look into the facinating field of zoology you will find that when it comes to sex, humans have NOTHING to complain about. S&M is rampant, to the point that literally eating your partner is common, and get this, the guys submit to it. Also, penises and other copulator organs come in a wide varity of shapes and sizes. My favorite factiod is that snakes have two penis like organs called hemipenises. OHHHH,la,la. :slight_smile: And of course there is the long suffering samon. The majority of them have “sex” only once in their lives and that’s after a long time out to sea and a killer migration. Even then you don’t even come into physical contact with your mate. HO boy, look out Sex in the City.

Sometimes there are more than 2 sexes. As a matter of fact, one living organism has more than 12 sexes. I have some of that on my car.

Wouldn’t it be easier to let nature take its course?

Are these things available on the net?

How mild a shock?