I finally got a package of these after going without for approximately four years.

I love these things, they’re awesome.

But my girlfriend and everybody else I’ve polled seems to hate them. Something to do with the malt. Can you believe that?

How could anyone hate Maltesers? I don’t even find the malt centre to have much flavour at all, but the texture is perfect.

Yup. Chocolate with a crunch. It hits the spot for me too although I tend to prefer the bulk store variety because they’re bigger and seem to have more chocolate on the outside. Why did you go without for so long?

I prefer Whoppers.

That’s the problem. I don’t hate Maltesers, but they don’t taste malt-ey at all - they’re very disappointing. Give me a good pack of Whoppers any day.

I haven’t seen them since I left Australia. I bought some today from a novelty English candy store.

When I was in the US I tried Whoppers and found them a little too malty. Maltesers are where it’s at for me.

I like Whoppers a lot, but again like most American candy, it tastest too sweet for my palette.

But the really cool thing is that, because they’re mostly air and Horlicks, a pack of Maltesers only has 183 kcalories.

There are these really *really *good Malted milk balls locally, bought in bulk. With more than 1/4" of excelent milk chocolate. Once I have had these, Whoppers and Maltesers are a pale shadow of the real thing.

Like, once you have had a good aged cheddar- “pastuerized process cheese food” loses it’s appeal.

I first encountered Maltesers in England, year before last. Since then, I occasionally go to my local import shop to get them, because they’re so freaking good. (If I weren’t diabetic, it would be a lot more often.) In general, I found the candy bars in the U.K. much better than your typical product in the States, at least to my taste.

Makes me want to say, “Double-plus good about the choco ration!”