UK Dopers: What's a Malteser?

In the movie (and book) Millions, the narrator comments that one minute something is there, the next it melts away…like a Malteser.

I did a half-assed search on the web and all I could tell is that it is a type of food product.

What is it? Is it British? Who makes it? Is it any good? Can I get it in the U.S.? Is there a picture of this product somewhere? Why is it called a Malteser?

Thanks a million…

Is this it?

Scroll down and click on “Malteser”…and there is a pic.

Is it like a Malted Milk Ball?

Yeah, it’s somewhat like a Whopper, but not quite the same texture inside. You can buy them in Canada, and throughout the UK.

If you have a store that offers imported British products, they might have some.

They’re chocolate covered malty balls made by the Mars company of Slough, maybe two thirds of an inch in diameter. They do have a certain melt-in-the-mouth quality.

They’re available here in Australia too. I prefer the white chocolate ones.

They are chocolate-covered balls of light, crunchy, malt-flavoured honeycomb candy.