Man arrested 8 times for having sex with an inflatable raft.

I guess the charge each time has been public indecency. But wouldn’t this guy benefit more from from ongoing counseling and care (plus it would surely be cheaper in the long run than repeated court processes)? Or gasp just let him keep on humping pool rafts, perhaps under the condition he only do it inside his home, or something like that. After all, he is not harming anyone, except perhaps confusing kids and parents who happen to catch him in the act.

I have no clue how easy it is to “cure” a paraphilia but I don’t think it’s a slam-dunk. I’m thinking this guy is mentally unwell, so what is the point in charging and incarcerating him over and over again? The photo of him in that article seems to portray someone…not well-balanced or socially aware. Clearly after this many times, the punishment is having no effect.

He couldn’t afford an inflatable doll?

I’m guessing that there’s no actual crime involved in having sex with a rubber raft. Tobergta is presumably getting arrested because he’s performing sexual acts in public.

As for Tobergta’s sexual orientation, I’m going to guess that if he is just into having sex with rubber rafts, he would have long since figured out he should indulge himself in private. So I’m guessing his real sexual proclivity is for having sex in public and the rubber rafts are just incidental props.

No one thinks you’re kinky if you have an inflatable raft.

Of course he can afford one, those aren’t nearly as hot as his raft is though. Did you see the curves on those pillows? Don’t ever call him gay. It is a pink raft.

ISTR he’s also been stealing some of the props. I know some guy in Ohio was having public sex with stolen inflatables and there can’t be that many of them around, right?

he likes blow jobs.

It’s not the size of the craft, but the motion of the ocean.

And having sex with non-consenting rafts.

Hey, whatever floats your boat. Errr, raft.

Everyone knows that raft was asking for it. Did you see what it was wearing?

Me gotta go pole the pirogue.

Perhaps he just got confused about the concept of using a rubber for safe sex.

There once was a man from New Guinea,
Who romanced a beautiful dinghy.
He stripped bare for his craft,
But she ketched and she laughed
At his dinky deflated thingie.

Sorry. Couldn’t think of any good rhymes for Hamilton or Ohio.

I think he should goLi-lo for a while.

The rule is it’s only gay if you touch the nozzle.

Talk about a man going overboard.

Was the raft in question of legal age?

Brava, my friend, brava.

You win the internet.

Did he take a raft in the aft?