Man, her ass sure did get big!

Dear Mom:
When I call you for my obligatory weekly call (read: listen to you rant about your newest medical issues, hear about how much they miss you at work and are on the verge of collapse, hear another excuse of why you can’t exercise and have to sit about and eat junk food all day, what a pain in the arse my father is…etc), please spare me the details of how fat my friend is getting.

Your amazed goings on about how she has to have put on “AT LEAST 50lbs!” since you saw her last make me feel shitty. Guess what? I’d rather know how her children are doing, is her husband well, is her mom still doing OK? Oh, and guess what? I’ve gained 50lbs since high school too, mom. We’re 34 now, not 18. And she had two fucking kids! Mom, STFU!

The best part was when she finally stopped talking about how fat she was and how big her ass was, my father left the room (must be he tempers her nastiness somewhat- how scary is that?) she said “Oh good- your father just left the room- YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE HOW BIG SHE GOT!!! OMG GOD!!! BLAH BLAH BLAH FAT BLAH BLAH FAT BLAH BLAH”

In the future if you can’t say something nice, just shut the fuck up already. Why I ever think this will be different is beyond me. How you can’t see that you’re projecting your OWN worry about YOUR weight onto other people is beyond me, too. Hello- you’re 5’2" and about 275lbs. How would you like it if people saw YOU and spent time going on about how fat YOU got? I’ll bet you wouldn’t. Think about other people for a fucking change. Just because the person you’re talking about can’t hear you doesn’t make it OK.

Fuck you,


…is this a good time to remind you that Mother’s Day is next Sunday?
:: flees ::


Maybe for Mother’s Day you could give Mom an obese donkey? :stuck_out_tongue:

Are we sisters? Because my mother (and father) love to talk about people and their weight. The weird thing is that my parents are both fat themselves.

I suppose that now would be a bad time to mention that I’m 36 and still wear the same size pants I did in high school.

Why? I guess the point is I don’t much care how big ANYONES ass is. But good on ya anyway!

Sad thing is they really are the same pants. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, gimme a line like that and don’t expect me to use it.

If they’re the same pants, they probably have zippers all over and slide really good on cardboard. Awwww YEAH!

Oh my God God?

It’s time for me to go-go…

What exactly did you tell your mother? Did you mention any of this to her?

I’m sure it’s a bad idea for me to point out the irony in the statement “Just because the person you’re talking about can’t hear you doesn’t make it OK.” and then saying “Fuck you” concerning your mother on a message board.

My mom is the obverse of that coin. Anyone who’s not overweight is “too thin”. Even men. Everyone’s anorexic or bulimic, to her. And Mr. Rilch exercises “too much”; he’s “obsessed”.

Weight is the first thing my mother notices about anyone.
The prime example concerns a girl my sisters and I grew up with. (We’ll call her Jane)
Now, Jane was a pudgy little girl who grew up into a chunky teenager. She was diagnosed around the age of 14 with a serious brain tumor (she survived - so I can say this) Of course, through all the cancer treatments she of course lost weight.
My mother’s oh-so-sensitive comment?
“Wow - Jane really looks great these days. She’s lost SO much weight!”
My response?
“Yes, mom. That’s because she’s dying of cancer!

To this day I cannot believe she said that.

Whew, I thought this was going to be another Meadow Soprano thread. :wink: I came in all prepared to tell you to leave Meadow’s ass alone, I like it just fine the way it is. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but he doesn’t tell you what part of the body he’s wearing them on.

So you’ve been heavy your whole life?

I have an aunt like that. She (S) is a pretty large woman herself, but when my other aunt ©, her twin sister (fraternal, they look, hell, they are, nothing alike.), got pregnant, she’d call me and go on and on about how fat C is and how she was wearing a tank top one day and she was so fat, and oh my god, she just looks gross!
Meanwhile, I’m thinking “Damn, woman. You’re at least 100 lbs over a healthy weight. How can you say this?” I was raised to be polite to my family though, so I just said “Well, she’s pregnant, cut her some slack. I’m happy that she’s finally having a healthy pregnancy and all you can talk about is her weight? I know I would have felt like shit if people talked about how fat I was when I was pregnant. I hope you didn’t do that to me!”

5’2 275 pounds? Heh…sounds like MY measurements. But, you’ll never hear me talk about how big someone has gotten.

How repugnant…jesus…

Holy cow. Would you like some fries with that irony?

Note that I made no specific claims as to what size they actually are.

Hey Lib, go fuck yourself, OK? What a fucking jackhole you are, honestly.