Mannheim Steamroller worse name ever

Their Christmas music is wonderful but the name strikes me with an image of a big diesel-driven machine that throws out choking amounts of soot and horrendous noise while laying down stinky road tar and, for that reason, Methinks has to rank at the top as being the all-time worst naming of a musical group!

Not the greatest question ever posted around here, probably should be asked at around Christmas, yet, I boldly take a chance and present it anyway to hear your important thoughts on the matter. :slight_smile:

P.S. There is some justification mentioned at Wikipedia for the name, but still…:frowning:

Maybe they were shooting for irony or something. I remember back in the late '70s I bought my first real component stereo system at a Hi-Fi store in Salt Lake City. The only album they played to demo their stereos was Mannheim Steamroller. Over and over and over and over until you never wanted to hear it again.

Having been fully perverted by the internet, for me the name invokes something kinky done being done with steaming hot feces.

Yes, the name to me absolutely sounds like it should belong to a Metal band.

Worse than the 1910 Fruitgum Company; even Pearl Jam…google what it means.

Anyone remember the Butthole Surfers? There was a band name you couldn’t say without sounding like a twelve year old boy.

None of these offerings so far can beat out Hoobastank.

I think it’s a perfectly cromulent name. It arguably follows the same pattern as “Electric Light Orchestra,” where you take a term from classical music and add something to it to give it a modern or “rock” twist. It’s admittedly a bit more obscure than that, but it makes sense to anyone with sufficient knowledge of the history of classical music to be familiar with terms like “Mannheim Rocket.”.

“We need a name that’s witty at first, but that seems less funny each time you hear it.” -Seymour Skinner

I recall a punk band in the '70s was called The Very Idea of Fucking Hitler.

Dead Kennedys?

Wasn’t there a punk band called Sniveling Shits?

On the Dawn of the Dead re-make DVD, one of the bonus tracks has music composed and performed by The Fucking Champs.

Two band names I never could accept were Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome (played a few shows in Seattle in the 00s) and Zyklon B (one of those extreme metal groups).

Cromulent. A new word for me, thanks!

Embiggens is a good one, too.

How about Vomit Launch?

Not sure; too much from the Simpons.:frowning:

Preceded by 10 CC and The Lovin’ Spoonful…

Fucking being a verb or an adjective?

If you really think about it, almost all bands have stupid names.

Stark Naked and the Car Thieves
Edgar and the Mad Shirt Grinders
Eucharistic Chicken Fat
Oh, wait. The last one was fictitious, I think.