Most obscene/profane/offensive band names?

What are the most obscene, profane and/or offensive band names you ever heard of?

My votes:
Anal Cunt
GG Allin and the Scumfucks

And what the about the most obscene that ever cracked top 40? Probably none are really overtly obcene, but I guess the closest I can think are the Butthole Surfers, who had a hit with ‘Pepper’.

Well, Anal Cunt has to be pretty much the all-time most obscene band name that I’ve ever heard of, not to mention an icky visual. But there were so many bands in the same scene (are they still around?) that had names that would be offensive to a lot of people. I remember seeing a flyer in FL - back around '89 or '90 - for a band called Jesus Crust. I’m sure a lot of people would be offended by that. In high school I was in a band called the Redneck Fuckwads, but unless you were one of three people who had a copy of our demo, you’ve never heard of us. A friend of mine compared it to Jodie Foster’s Army. JFA fans, sorry, I don’t have the tape anymore either.

As for really well-known bands… there’s Steely Dan. They’re named after a vibrator featured in The Naked Lunch, though then again a lot of the mainstream-types that buy their records probably don’t know that.

Not really a band name but I remember the band Fear back in hte 80’s had a banner behind the stage that said

lick the cum out of my asshole

Revolting Cocks

I just love that name

Chicago Area Bands:

The Gaza Strippers

Hitler’s Other Nut

Anne Frank and Beans

Dead Kennedys

Not offensive in light of some of the names posted here :eek: but this band name always made me a bit queasy:

Yeastie Girlz

There was an oldies station in Lynchburg, VA, in the mid to late 90s, and one of the deejays utterly refused to say ‘The Kinks’ – he would call them ‘The Brother Davies…’

This same station had a call-in request show at lunchtime, and this one guy would ring in every day to ask for the Kinks, and he also would refuse to say their name…the lunchtime deejay was a good natured guy, and would drive the caller nuts saying, ‘Who’s that by? Eh? What?’

Odd, innit…


There’s a band called Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles that I have seen before. They also have a few albums out.

The Meat Shits. Cannibal Corpse deserves some honorable mention.

I still have to throw my vote to Anal Cunt It really can’t get much more offensive than that.

Jesus and the Gospel Fuckers
NY Niggers
an 80s New Wave band called the Cunts
Millions of Dead Cops
The Meat Shits
The Clit Boys

Wolfgirl, I have a 7" by Jesus Crust…hahaha…Its fucking HORRIBLE. Even by crust punk standards.

There’s a bunch of offensive white power band names, but I don’t want to give fascist-assholes-who-should-die-of-SARS free publicity.


Not quite as offensive as Anal Cunt, but:

Dying Fetus
Rotting Christ

And a name that makes up for what it lacks in true offensiveness with sheer amusement factor:

Pearl Jam?

How about the Dayglo Abortions - they had an album call Feed Us a Fetus.

Sorry…its my keyboard…really…


There was a band called Fuck on Matador in the late '90’s. I don’t know if they’re still around or not.

My old band was called Pisshorse. Then I was in The Diarrhea of Anne Frank for a while until our booking guy asked us to change our name because it was “scaring away business.” But then he books our first show after the name change with a band called The Shit City Dream Girls! WTF?

I don’t think they’re that obscene, but I always liked Jack Off Jill, purely because it generally takes people a couple of seconds to get it.

Nashville Pussy