margin is a freaking lunatic.

I am having a bit of trouble working up even an entertaining bit of RO, but in this thread she has really gone off the deep end.

Rape Month may be over on the SDMB, but apparently Completely Insane Raving About Things Nobody Has Said is year 'round.

Seriously, margie ol’ girl, it is time to either get off the drugs altogether, or triple the dosage.


Well, I have that link to thank for seeing this post from kambuckta -


Got any more from margin? The name isn’t ringing any bells.

Be gentle. As the sole Doper brave enough to oppose child rape, she has whittled herself a heavy cross to bear.

Its worse than you think. Remember hearing about a “new” zodiac sign being discovered lately?

Well, those Chinese astronomers weren’t going to be outdone by us Westerners. So they got craking and discovered a new “year”. You know how they have the year of the dog, the monkey, the horse, the snake, the whatever?

Well, the newly discovered year is the Year of the Rapist. And it started this year. The signs were obvious in hindsight. Its going to be a long year I am afraid.

And think of all those new Chinese Buffet paper placemats that will have to be printed!

The Year of Therapist, you said? I’m picturing Woody Allen sitting on a shrink’s chair being neurotic.

Yeah, it’s so unreasonable to be offended by the slut-shaming of an 11 year old gang rape victim. How irrational.

Around here, opposing child rape is considered to be the height of trolling.

Frankly, I think the creepiest thing in that thread came from ZPG Zealot:

Remember to teach your daughter how not to let people violently assault her. Failing that, make sure she turns out ugly and diseased.

Well, to be fair, she was the town ho.

They obviously tried to shake her hand.

Or have her tell everyone she’s a democrat.

Yeah, the gang rape situation was a birthday party.

I’ve finally figured out how the Discovery Channel can top “Shark Week.”

I wonder if Ho me the clown was there?

I had been avoiding that thread. Now I’ve that I’ve read it, if I was going to pit something, there were some pitworthy things said, but I don’t think they came from margin.

Shodan tried to blame rape on the lack of ‘stable two-parent families’ because girls from that type of family never get raped.

And there’s plenty of victim blaming to go around.

Levdrakon’s got the market covered.

Yes, I admit. I issued orders telling children to wear fuck-me clothes, drink in dark alleys, and so on.

And yet nobody on that thred wants to discuss rapists beyond sneering dismissively: we can’t do nothin’, we’re doing all we can, STFU you (insert sexist slam that the SDMD men and some select women will argue is not sexist because they like it), and then add a hefty dose of diversion, threadjacking, change of subject, and all that, while various men talk about what this eleven year old did or should not have done that got her raped. But somehow none of the brave SDMBers think that discussing rape goes beyond, “She should have done this,” or “But men are already told not to rape so we can’t do anything else, STFU, you crazy harpy.” Because rape is just that simple.

And you know, then there’s the posters who have this helpful advice they want to offer, because women are such stupid bitches (sarcastic shorter summing up: “OMG, I DID NOT SAY THAT, you harpie shrew!”)that they wouldn’t think of this without the helpful men pointing out this stupid shit. Their advice always presumes that women and girls are stupid, don’t take of themselves, haven’t heard, this, and live absurdly simple lives where they never once think of this shit until some man like Shodan wanders by and tells them that if only their parents were still married they wouldn’t have been gang raped by men in their late twenties—at the age of eleven. Never mind, of course that most rapes are acquaintance rapes and that most rapists are known to the victim. Never mind that an awful lot of rapists are men from those nice normal two-parent families. Look at Alex Kelly, for example.

Of course, the question here is: you find me getting angry at people slamming a child for being raped stupid and pit worthy, but you don’t find anything wrong with the dipshits offering stupid guidelines for not getting raped? For avoiding any discussion of the rapist at all? How come nobody in that thread would discuss the rapists? It’s a simple question, and an even simpler theory. How come nobody----including Shodan----wants to discuss the rapists?

The victim in this case is eleven. Just because people don’t explicitly say, “I hereby declare and affirm that I hereby explicitly blame and accuse the victim of provoking and enticing her own rape,” doesn’t meant they’re not blaming not just this victim, but other victims as well. (See above quote from Levdrakon.) Rape is never the fault of the victim. Rape victims don’t exactly rape themselves. It’s an act the rapist does. The ‘advice’ the morons in that thread would offer amount to stupid shit that women either do already, already know, or is useless in the face of acquaintance rape, or amounts to demanding that women and girls be vigilant 24/7. If men were subjected to such a demand, they’d call it an injustice.

 If being a lunatic means I find grown men and special snowflake women who think blaming 11-year-olds is okay, then I'm fine with that. The question is, why are you?

Y’know, just one simple cite would suffice. Just one instance where somebody has blamed this child for the horror that she experienced.

Really, just one will do.

Otherwise you are a fucking disingenuous troll.

PS…thanks for starting this Shodan. I’ve been a tad busy today, what with running around finding child-victims to kick and all, and didn’t have the energy to do it myself.

If you’re siding with Shodan, um, you’re fucked up.

And the fact that you can’t or WON’T read indicates how sincere you are. I already pointed out that blaming the victim doesn’t require an explicit declaration of blame by the blamer. Do you really simper approvingly at guys if they don’t first declare, “I explicitly declare and proclaim that I am hereby blaming the victim for provoking, inciting, or otherwise causing this gang rape,” ? Because unless they declare they’re blaming the victim it doesn’t exist? What kind of fucking moron are you?

The victim was eleven. She cannot by any measure of the imagination be to blame for this attack on her. Examination of her actions is therefore blaming. She did not do anything wrong. She could not do anything wrong. Since when is attaining an erection, penetrating a child, and ejaculating some kind of mistake? Add to the fact that this rape was videotaped, repeated, witnessed, and committed en masse by adult men. What part of that are you too stupid to get? She’s 11. She cannot do anything to provoke a rape. Therefore, any criticism of her, her actions, or of anybody BUT THE RAPISTS IS VICTIM BLAMING. And in fact, this goes for other rapes as well. Victims do not cause rape. Rapists do.

Get some treatment for that head injury. You’ve got a bad case of Ann Coulter syndrome.

Oh, horsehit. He blamed the rapists’ behavior on the liklihood that they grew up in single-parent homes. And either he or another poster commented that the girl’s behavior (apparently running around with a much older guy and having sex with him) was likely the result of growing up in a single-parent home.

This country is awash in the problems that have resulted from the breakdown of marriage and the stable family unit. Millions and millions of kids have grown up or are growing up to live lives of crime and deprivation because they grew up in a home with only one parent, with that parent often being gone most of the time because of the need to try earn a living (either that or they’re so young and irresponsible themselves they might as well be a sibling instead of a parent). The education of these kids suffers because they are undisciplined and unmotivated, prisons become overcroweded because many of them turn to crime, and the government is forced to shell out large amounts of money in food stamps, welfare and tax exemptions in order to keep these kids and (usually) their moms afloat.

With regard to comments made by the way this little girl dressed and comported herself- yes, someone or something (i.e., the breakdown of societal standards) is very much to blame for the fact that she was dressing and acting like this. Responsible parents with the right kind of values would not be allowing her to look and act the way she was. And to the extent that the way she looked and acted played a role in what happened to her, those external factors absolutely have to share in the blame.

Another factor that comes into play in mention of the makeup and clothing she wore and her alleged sexual activity is that it’s entirely possible that those factors made some of the guys involved in her rape unaware of her true age, and/or her willingness to go along with multiple-partner sex - assuming that not all of them knew she was under threat of violence, as is likely the case…

What happened to that little girl is something that should happen to no one, much less at that early of an age, but is it really necessary to always adopt an all-or-nothing stance in assessing blame or innocence when something like this does happen? This little girl was wrongfully allowed to dress and behave in ways that did in fact most likely contribute to what happened to her, and the guys almost certainly bear differing degrees of culpability in terms of evil depending on when during this even they arrived and what they knew about what was really going on.

I fully expect to come in for a world of shit for having said all this, but it accomplishes nothing in the way of understanding the underlying reasons for what happened to this little girl, nor to illustrate the need for children to grow up in stable, responsible, two-parent homes, in order to live the kinds of lives that will prepare them for a successful adulthood…and also to lessen the odds that they will be victimized by other latchkey kids who haven’t been brought up properly themselves…which the offenders in this case almost certainly are, or were in their childhood.

P.S. - Aren’t you the one who claimed Shodan’s support for two-parent homes was “pimping consersative crap”? How’s about you explain to us from the liberal point of view all the benefits that children derive from growing up with only one (usually young and often absent) parent?

Apparently both Shodan and Kambuctka are too busy to read to read shit before they skip off to masturbate over being superior and all that.

Jesus fucking Christ, what’s wrong with you? This kid is ELEVEN. ELEVEN. Blah, blah, blah, excuses, but this shit is the way every other rape victim gets blamed. I’m sorry you’re so stupid and ignorant, but if you like assholes like Shodan, that’s what you get.