Marvel vs Capcom 3! Any players?

I went to the game store the other day and found a pleasant surprise! While I still play, I have been out of the gaming-loop for a while now and I didn’t even know this was in production.

Needless to say I snapped it up and it is freaking. sweet. Fast, frenetic, fun gameplay. My only complaint is the roster is shorter than 2.

Sooo, before I talk more, anyone else playing? How good are y’all?

I have the PS3 version, and I’m not so great. I have the very basics down but I just get creamed by friends who can consistently do combos, bounce me off the ground/walls/anywhere. I’ve been finding I’m partial to Chun-Li, Zero and Dr. Doom (mostly for his assist).

Gonna take y’all for a ride.

I’ve been following the development, but haven’t made the buy. The combination of not enjoying the gameplay style of the 2nd game (Very fast, very spazzy, fly all over the screen and do a million LAAAASER attacks into a 9000 hit tag combo sort of thing. I like my fighting games a bit more measured in their pacing.) and being unable to get past the really plastic look everyone has added up to me not wanting to throw down for it - at least not at full price. Oh, and the fact that I really don’t need a lot of fighting games, because frankly, the time commitment to get to the level of proficiency I’d like to have for these things makes trying to seriously play more than one of them virtually impossible, and I’m already enjoying the heck out of Blazblue.

Still, Arthur and Amaterasu are awesome, and almost made me get it anyway. Almost.

I’ll grab it next year for cheap or something.

I bought it. I haven’t put it in yet. If my skills at 2 are any judge, I will suck at it.

XBox360 version.