Mascot Kombat!!!

Two Mascots. One Winner.

This is not a tournament or anything. (just good random pop-culture madness!)

I’ll start with listing two Mascots (on commercials, TV, movies, radio, etc.) Then, with one post, you tell how the rounds goes (in cartoony or bloody detail, depending on the postee’s taste)

Then list another two random mascots.

Round 1 The Taco Bell Dog Vs. The Sock Puppet/Dog

Let the Karnage Begin!

I’ll change the rules to make it easier. You start the two mascot. You end the round. I’ll end mine right now.

The Taco Bell approaches the puppet. The puppet bites the dog with his cotton-like teeth.

Taco Bell Dog: “Holy Gordita! That smarts!”

But the Dog strikes back with his saturated weapon: the alamo burrito. Unfortuately, it landed right in his sewn mouth. Dog: “Thanks! I was starving!”

After he ate the burrito (and washed it off with a large crystal pepsi), he went to “finish off” the Dog.

Just then… PETA to the rescue! They sued the knee-high mutt for animal cruelty.

Today: The dog is bankrupt and once again starving… until he got rescued by BarDone!