Mashed potato flavoring: Where sold?

We have used a cheese flavoring in mashed potatoes we’d been buying at the 99 Store. It comes in a small bag, like Sloppy Joe or gravy mix. The store doesn’t seem to have it any more. Does anyone know who makes it and where we can find it? (I live in Gardena, in the South Bay area near Los Angeles.)

Amazon has some cheese powder products.

Thanx :slight_smile:

Would cheese-flavored popcorn seasoning work? This is what I use when I make my own tortilla chips.

You can go to the “popcorn” isle at your local grocery store and buy the cheese flavoring there.

It won’t be quite the same, but I usually just melt shredded cheddar cheese into my mashed potatoes when I want them cheesy. It’s also good when you stir in garlic and chives with the cheese.

When you say it won’t be the same, you’re really saying it will be way better with actual cheese.

I agree! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen huge cans of it at Walmart.

Man, they have cheese powders? Lol I had no idea! I might try some next time. Normally I just use good ol’ seasoning salt in mine.

Hey, OP, are they instant mashed potatoes?

I have to agree with a couple of others… if you want cheese flavor, why don’t you try… oh, I don’t know… maybe Cheese?

Seriously, just stir in some shredded Cheddar while they are still hot.

I agree that real cheese is better, but sometimes it’s about the cost.

Try adding a bit of sour cream or plain yogurt after adding your shredded cheese.

You knew this was coming right?
Username/post combo!

I can get a half a pound of shredded Cheddar for $1.99 at Kroger, or one pound of Cheddar powder on Amazon for $13.50 (plus shipping).

I know that the powder probably goes a lot further than the same amount of fresh, but I’m not living in a bomb shelter so I don’t see the need. It isn’t like buying a bag of shredded cheese is like buying fine caviar.

Something tells me too that the OP may be using instant mashed potatoes, which is the more expensive way to make mashed potatoes versus using real ones.

Yeah… I thought about that. But, ask the expert!

No, we don’t use instant mashed potatoes. We use the genuine article.

So do yourself a favor and do the same with the cheese.

The cheese powder probably has other flavors than just cheese alone. If it’s cheddar based, then mustard powder, paprika, garlic, onion and/or cayenne are likely candidates. Even in very small quantities that you don’t consciously notice, these can sometimes be the difference in flavor that people miss when they use just cheese.

You could also buy Mac N Cheese in a box, which is dirt cheap. Use the noodles anywhere you’d normally use noodles (pasta salad maybe) and then keep the sauce packets for your mashed potatoes.

For myself… I really can’t see cheddar in mashed potatoes, but Monterey Jack goes nicely.