Masturbate for peace.

No mention of toothpaste though.
Touch your sack…not Iraq.

Think globally, whack locally.

Peace is the issue…use a tissue.
I’ve done my bit to raise the level of discourse on the boards. No thanks is necessary.


Cream your khakis, not Iraqis


No jury in the world would convict me. Not even Texas.

Woah, I’ve been working on world peace all along and didn’t even know it. I wonder if people will put me along side Ghandi and Mother Teresa for my efforts?

Hmmm, it seems that the US gets into a war whenever I’m going through a dry spell, but it never happens when I’m in a relationship. Obviously, if you want world peace, then the women of the world need to make sure that I get a piece!

Oh. For a second I thought the OP title said “Maturbate in peace” and I thought, “What? Are you always being interrupted while in the middle of it?”


Ok now I am curious, What did someone do with toothpaste? (apart from brush their teeth)

Works like altoids during cunnilingus, RIGHT?

…from the song.


Just remember; you asked for it

Cue: “Oh, of all that is holy in this world, WHY did you give me that link?!” in 3… 2… 1…

Poor Bo Diddly… even changing his name he’s not safe.

This page is blocked at school, as shown by the following…emphasis is mine.


Sounds like my adolesence. Was never caught, just interrupted, which is still quite annoying.
Stop a Scud: jerk your pud.

Oh, of all that is holy in this world, WHY did you give me that link?!

Holy shiat on toast! Toothpaste = Dentifrice = semifluid sandpaper



You were working for peace and didn’t even knowit, Spoofe?