McCain Profile on FOX

Playing now on FOX is a complimentary profile of Sen. John McCain. Does anyone know when the complimentary profile of Sen. Barack Obama is going to be shown?

November 5th.

That is just all kinds of funny.

No clue how complimentary either one was, didn’t watch either. But they did do one on both according to the internet.


It already played. There is a funny condensing of the documentary in a minute.

I’m just curious as to what you mean by that.

The word you needed in your OP was complementary, meaning “added to make up a whole”, i.e. if a profile is done on McCain, one should also be done on Obama for the sake of completeness.

I have to chuckle at the idea of Fox doing a complimentary profile of Obama, meaning one that spoke positively of him.

I might of (have) jumped the gun a little bit here. The show is not a complete campaign commercial for McCain after all. But in my defense, I think I can be forgiven a bit for assuming it would be, given Fox’s history.

But more important, if I might hijack my own thread, is it grammatically correct to say “I might of…” or “I might have…”?

Frontline has an election special scheduled for Tuesday, 10/14. Preview here. Should be enlightening.

I don’t see any value in watching something produced by the campaigns on their candidates.

Fiddle Peghead, I’ve always thought “might of” is incorrect, but I see it a lot, and from writers who should know better. Maybe it’s an acceptable alternative to “might have”.

Complementary wasn’t needed. It fits, but it wasn’t needed or, I think, intended.

Just tune in any other network at any time.

“might have” is the only correct alternative.

“Might Of” is incorrect. It’s a corruption of the contraction “might 've”, which in itself could be called a dubious colloquialism. Of course the former is becoming so common that before long it will be accepted as correct.

Check out CBS, NBC, The New York Times, Times, Newsweek, etc…

I disagree. “Complimentary” was used correctly. Please reread.

Ditto. If the first “complimentary” wasn’t used in the OP (to describe the program on McCain), you can say “complementary” was meant. However, it’s clear “complimentary” is exactly the word the OP wanted to use.

I guess the correct usages would have been ‘complimentary’ for McCain, and ‘complementary’ for Obama! :smiley:
And… ‘might of’… ggrrrrrrRRRRRAAAAA I mean, good job you asked. That’s hopefully one less person on the planet now using that ridiculous malconstruction.

To continue the word usage hijack, what about “hopefully” in this context?

She waited hopefully for a response. Correct.
Hopefully there will be a response. Incorrect?

People still believe this in 2008? Wow!:eek:

Never let facts confuse your zeal for partisanship. :stuck_out_tongue: