McDonald's Spamburger! Now with mayonnaise and Oreo crumbs!

Sadly, only available in China

I hate mayonnaise. But I might give Spam with Oreo crumbles a chance.

2020 just doesn’t let up, does it?

The combination of sweetness and saltiness can make a lot of weird pairings work.
I might try it. Once.
I think I would skip the mayo, thought.

Is this what they think Americans eat?

In my experience, Chinese people make much less distinction between cookies and crackers than North Americans do. (E.g., my wife will call saltines “cookies”.) So Spam with cookie crumbs is probably closer to breaded pork in terms of the mental image it provokes. It’s all carbs, anyways.

It sounds perfectly puke-worthy. In this house it would go straight into the garbage. The Oreo crumbs on top are just a bizarre finish to an affront to the very concept of food.

But I don’t get the hate for mayo in a couple of the comments. Mayo is essential in many sandwiches. I just had a wonderful smoked Dijon turkey sandwich with sliced tomato and romaine lettuce on a toasted bun, with Hellman’s mayo. If I had been slightly more ambitious I would have added bacon. What’s wrong with you mayo haters?

That said, I never, ever have mayo on burgers. Fresh chopped onion, ketchup, tomato, and a Strub’s garlic sliced pickle is all that is required*. Also, certain authentic fresh garlicky smoked sausages like good, authentic kielbasa should be had only on bread with butter, nothing else. But Spam? With Oreo crap on it? Ewww… {puke!}

* And cheese, of course. A burger is not a burger without a good slice of cheese.

Heresy. Anyone knows the only proper condiment for a spam-oreo sandwich is mustard.

It’s probably closer to American food than most stuff served in chain Chinese restaurants in the US is to real Chinese food.:wink:

That’s like something you might make if there was a war, and you only had three ingredients left in your kitchen.

Quite possibly a pan-Asian trait, as it’s the same in Indonesia and Singapore - when you go to the grocery store looking for table water crackers, head toward the cookie section. (And in Singapore I could buy some rather delicious in-between biscuits, that were not quite as sweet as a cookie, but sweeter than I’d expect of a cracker. They were wonderful with a sharp cheddar.)

I just don’t like mayo.

My sandwiches frequently consist of just meat between two slices of bread.

“What?” people ask. “You eat it dry?!”


On the one hand, this whole “mayo on burgers” thing is a complete hijack from the OP. On the other hand, dear God, a hijack has never been more welcome. So:

Nah. Ketchup on even the best burger makes it taste like it’s off the McDonald’s dollar menu. Mayo under the burger mixes with the beefy juices and gets ultra-delicious. For that acid tang, use mustard instead of ketchup. And to replace the sugary kick of the ketchup, I dunno, squirt some actual Tang on it for all I care, burgers don’t need sugar.

Also I don’t want cheese anywhere near my burger. I know that makes me a weirdo.

Mayonnaise is a very polarizing food. Like cilantro & mushrooms, it’s either fine (or good, even) or it’s Satan’s spooge.

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(cue the Vikings…)

Elvis is alive and well and living in China.

Elvis would fry it in butter.

The only thing I have ever liked at McDonalds is their breakfast menu, particularly the bacon and egg McMuffin. However, you can make a vastly superior version at home. You get to use better cheese, better eggs, better muffins and a better sauce.

Recently I returned from my brother’s with farm fresh eggs. Next morning I started to make myself one and discovered that I had no bacon. So I substituted sliced, cupboard fresh SPAM® Hot and Spicy. And it was far, far better for it. Maybe I should tell McDonalds?

Mushrooms are good, cilantro is heaven and mayo sucks.

This is my final answers

I like mayo with a lot of things, but the idea of putting it anywhere near chocolate sounds extremely unappetizing.

you know I wonder if someone had come across one of those chocolate cake recipes from ww2 to the mid-century that had mayo in it …the reasoning behind it was: 1 supposedly it made the cake moist 2 it was less greasy than lard or veg oil and 3 you couldn’t taste it anyway because it didn’t need a lot of it … and I’ve seen the same reasoning for sour cream in chocolate cakes too …