Me Being an Impatient Bitch

Why the fuck is the SDMB going so slow? Does anybody else notice it being slow lately?
:mad: :mad:
I want my nice speedy SDMB back. :frowning:

Well, creating or posting to unnecessary threads is going to slow the board down a bit.

Wait a minute…

Okay, now just to spite me, that last reply went through real fast. Grrr…

Hey! Unnecessary? Bah!
I thought it was standard procedure to whine about the boards being slow, now that we’re paying. But you’re right, because it was apparently my imagination.

:smack: I swear, it was being slow last night and just a minute ago.

Nothing to add to the OP; I just wanted to pop in and say Talon Karrde is an awesome username. :cool:

It’s been working fine for me…

Hah! I can tell you haven’t been around for very long, because this is ludicrous speed compared to what it was when I joined three (three?!?! My God, it’s almost four!) years ago.

The mere fact that I can post is a dramatic change from what it used to be.

I’ve been lurking for about four years. It was just going uber slow a few days ago and really annoyed me.

Thanks, Sir Dirx. He was my favorite character in the Zahn SW books.

Probably people doing endless and excessive searches of threads/posters with the I-gotta-condemn-you-for-every-post-you-made attitude of some posters who think if they don’t clog their responses with pointless links the earth will spontaneously fly out of orbit :rolleyes:

Airman it can’t possibly be at Ludicrous Speed yet. It hasn’t gone to plaid. :smiley: