ME-The Movie

Time for a little insight. Who would play you in your movie biography?

My pick is…Jeff Goldblum!

Michael J. Fox - but he’d have to wear platform shoes.

Ron Howard

Janeane Garafalo

Sometimes life is so great you just gotta muss up your hair and quack like a duck!

Mira Sorvino
…a little tough, a little cute…kicks ass but still looks nice.

An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; A pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.

Well, I’d want John Goodman, but they’d probably resurrect John Candy.


Jack Nicholson, but they’d have to use a lot of makeup to make him look 17.

I don’t know who first said “everyone’s a critic,” but I think it’s a really stupid saying.

Probably Daniel Stern. He and I look a lot alike. Complete strangers even say so.

BTW, this is Daniel Stern.

No question, Eve Arden.

Dan Ackroyd

Uhhhh…Skeets Gallagher?

John Goodman, looking like he did in “The Big Lebowski.”

Live a Lush Life
Da Chef

Matt Damon. We’re about the same age, and I’ve been told about 6 times that I look like him. (I always hope they don’t mean how he looked in Courage Under Fire)

Seth Green. I personally don’t see much resemblance, but I’ve been told it’s there.

I’ve been told I look like Harry Anderson. Drunks in the L.A. airport have demanded that I perform magic tricks.

I’ve met Harry Anderson, and he’s about six foot five; a good five inches taller than I am. So if he plays me, the love interest will have to stand on a chair.


I’ve been called an Adam Arkin look-a-like. Um, “Chicago Hope” era Arkin, not “Northern Exposure.”

I wear shoes!

Oh, OK, are we going with who we LOOK like, or who we ACT like? For personality, I’d go with some wise-cracking dame like Eve Arden, above, or Joan Blondell.

For looks, I’ve been told a depressing number of times that I look like Cher and Frank Zappa had a baby . . . So I dunno. Bea Lillie? Connie Selleca? Daniel Day-Lewis in a wig?

I’d love to be played by Emma Thompson, but I think she’s too old.

Figuring that it should be someone five to ten years younger than I am, to allow for flashbacks and the time delay in making a film – Anna Paquin?

Kenny Wayne Shepard, that young blues guitarist, is pretty much my twin. Save they’d have to give him some testosterone injections so he could manage the half-shaved look.

Bugs Bunny (I always thought early Bugs was one cool cat).