me vs myself

I have moved to a new place with my husband. I am looking for jobs here but yet to find one. For the past 8 months, i thought this break would do me good, but no it has not. It has killed the real me. i initially made a good routine for me so that i would not become lazy and all. then even picked some work from home stuff on which i need to spend a few hours each day.
I took up cooking, learnt to cook well, ( i was a crappy cook before) joined a gym and all. Just nothing seems to lift my spirits these days. earlier my better half would take me long drives, take me to a mall or just talk and watch some tv so that i will cheer up. Then we are newly weds so we started adjusting to each other and all.
i just realized how i fell into this pattern of getting lost and letting my spirits fall sometimes, i just can’t pick myself up. so now i try to avoid these pitfalls and keep afloat till a job comes.
Its funny because i did not realise that it will this crapy, i thought a break from work will refresh. probably because it is a new place, i did not have a lot of friends, now i that i have met some people and made friends, still they are not like my bum chums or anything.
Depending on ur husb to get you out of the pitfalls of the mood seems to be a wrong thing to do. nowadays he just wants to leave me alone till i pick myself up. Coming from a childhood where i was the only child, i am used to being the most important person in the household, i can voice every thought that comes to my mind, i did not have to keep my thoughts to myself at all. These are things i learnt now that i have a lot of time to kill. With a person who cannot keep chatting, acknowledging every thought is not going to happen, so my husb doesnt help at times. But he does this thing of hugging me the whole night where i can sleep in his arms the whole night so i am not complaining at all.
Things i have learnt in this process is, have a lot of activities planned, go for different classes, have friends to chat or catchup for a coffee. As much as you give yourself alone time also allow yourself to be surrounded with people.

Another thing that helps is writing a journal… keeps. Check on everything u think and do.

I suppose you don’t have any kids.

When you do, you’re going to wish you were back to the way you are now, when you had free time.

Yeah, I had a couple of years without work when I was young and it was one of the worst times of my life. If you can’t get work yet, volunteer instead. It will help you a lot and look good on your resume as well.

Be careful. This should not be interpreted as advice to get pregnant so you’ll be busy.

I expected this to be a grammar question.

Volunteering is great. It has most of the benefits of working, and only a few of the drawbacks. Yeah, you have to get up and out of the house on time, but most of your fellow volunteers and quite a few of the paid workers are going to be awesome and interesting. And you can learn new skills, and keep up your old skills.

The one thing that anyone would notice about me right now, is the lack of aggression that could also be interprested as lack of motivation. well all this comes from interacting with people and driving yourself to be the best in whatever you do.