I like you. You’re always uplifting. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Whenever I see his name, I always read Meatros Meatros Gali (ala Bhutros Bhutros Gali).
How weird is that?

So do I!!!

makes me think of dog food. don’t know why.

Meatros is one of my Doper role models. He is truly the king of sloth and gluttony, two of my favorite virtues. :smiley:

Thank God I’m not the only one.

Reverse stalkage!

What I know is, he’s always here with us instead of working.

My kinda guy !!! :smiley:

Happy V-day, Meatros

He reminds me of a Greek Tragic hero … sort of a meat ball who gets pecked to death by … iunno, something that pecks and eats meatballs.


meatus (medical) - an opening or passageway

Meatros - sexy name, in a clinical sort of way

Count me in too.

**Meatros ** Looks like you are apart of the SDMB Sooper Sekrit Inner Circle.
Congrats, Lucky Bastard.

Put me on the Meatros Meatros Ghali train! It’s funny how relieved I am to hear that other people think that as well.

We should form a community purely on this commonality.

Funny, I always think of a Greek god or island…

At first glance, I thought that said “shoplifting”. :smiley:

heh heh heh… Meatros is cool… heh heh…

Meatros is a cool frood.

Whoa…:o …um…I just noticed this thread, thanks to TJ Dude sending me an email! Thanks Lib! I feel the same about you, in addition to being very informative!

Wow, I don’t know what to say! Thanks! :smiley:

I feel special now, all my bad feelings from BZ00000 pitting me are cleared away. Okay, I’m just kidding, I thought BZ’s pitting was comical! :smiley:

iampunha-Actually the name comes from an…erm…Greek *Hero *, of Hercules caliber…:smiley:

I shall now go gush profusely to my fiance about this thread…She will most likely pat me on the head and say “that’s nice”.:smiley:

Oh, and uh…it’s not that I’m not working, as I’m usually at work, it’s just that I use a data entry system (okay, an accounting system) call Cost Point and it takes an awful long time inbetween invoices…

Yeah…that’s it…:smiley:

I wonder when my card is going to show up?:smiley:
Thanks again Lib!
And of course everyone else!

Meatros, I’m glad this thread has resurfaced. I’ve enjoyed being in Great Debates with you, especially the recent ones about evolution.