Mega Man 9 on Wii Shop right now!

I’m downloading right now! Holy shit! New 8-bit Mega Man!


Hey JB, can you explain why Mega Man 9 is being done as a big 8-bit-styled meta-irony sequel? I’ve been confused about this, because I’m pretty sure that the last 8-bit Mega Man was IV or V and there have been any number of sequels in 16-, 32-, 64- and higher bit rate.

Because it appeals to gamers like me, that played those old Mega Man games on NES as kids. It’s also a nod to the idea of “gameplay over graphics” in my mind.

Thanks for posting this thread, I was wondering when it would become available. I’m definitely buying it tonight.

It’s awesome so far. It’s also very Nintendo Hard, at least from my perspective. Once I get the levels down it should be a bit better but in all my first playthroughs of the 8 main levels, I was only able to make it to the boss in one of them.

Mega Man 1-6 were all 8-bit. MM7 was for the SNES, and MM8 was on the Playstation.

I guess it’s mostly nostalgic value, at least for me. Mega Man is probably my favorite game series ever so I had this big stupid grin on my face when I started playing. Of course, that quickly changed to a grimace when I realized how hard the levels were going to be. But I still love it. It’s a masochistic relationship between me and Mega Man. :smiley:

Hmm, this whole paying for extra content bugs me. If the game was $20 and had everything I’d happily buy it. Doing it this way seems like they’re trying to nickel and dime the fans.

I’m torn… I want the game but don’t want to encourage the trend of paying for extra content that should be there already (like hard mode). I guess in this case the total price is still acceptable so I’ll go with it. But you’re on notice, WiiWare!

I forgot how “Nintendo Hard” is part of the nostalgia as well. Should be fun!

Micropayments are a new trend, one I can’t entirely argue with. Yeah, it seems like they’re squeezing every last drop of cash out of the players, but it can also be seen as a way to pay only what you want to pay for entertainment. My Life As A King in Wii Ware also offers this, as do a few X-Box 360 games. City of Heroes on the PC has been moving in this direction, with optional accessory packs, and it’s been hugely successful. Those that can afford to pay for extra content can, and those that can’t aren’t missing out on all that much. As long as the core game provides sufficient entertainment for the cost, I like the system.

c_goat basically got it. The Virtual Console showed Capcom that there is still a lot of demand for 8 and 16-bit games. So they decided that the best way to make a downloadable Mega Man would be in that style.

There’s a quote from one of the developers in the new issue of Play (or possibly Nintendo Power) that I really love: “The graphics aren’t old, it’s an art style.”

It would not surprise me if Mega Man 10 (not X, 10) was made and done in a 16-bit style.

Ok, you had me super excited until the part about micro payments. How much is this and what (and how much) do I have to pay for after I’ve already paid for the game?

The micropayments are optional modes. The standard Mega Man goodness of 8 bosses and a Wily Fortress are part of the $10 regular price.

All of the various DLC modes are listed here:

They sound a little interesting, but they definitely sound optional for a classic Mega Man game. Although I do agree that having DLC this close to the original release is a dick move.

Oh my god.

I’m not particularly a fan of DLC if it was content that should have been in the game to begin with. DLC like Rock Band songs, or new levels/maps six months after the game’s release is fine. But since the content is coming out so close to the game’s release, this is really blatant that the DLC was ready for the game’s release and Capcom just didn’t include it.

The thing is, I’ll probably buy it. Well, some of it. I’m not particularly interested in the new stage or the super hard mode but I’ve heard the endless mode is really fun. I would have spent $20 on getting Mega Man 9 as a whole package if it included all the DLC with it as that’s a reasonable price for a good game. The way I see it, Capcom isn’t price-gouging, they’re giving an awesome $10 game to people and for the real Mega Man-ophiles out there like me they’re giving an awesome $10 with optional $10 content.

Oops I didn’t mean to derail the conversation with the DLC issue. Anyone who likes Mega Man should definitely buy this game. I spent $5 on that stupid defend your castle game, and TV show king was a huge disappointment, so this really is a good deal for a game that’s professionally made and guaranteed to be good, even if you buy all the extra stuff.

I played a little last night, and damn, this game is mean. I seriously died in the first pit on Concrete Man’s stage, then those elephants, wow. They really thought long and hard about the placement and pattern of every single enemy. Were the original Mega Man games really this hard? I kind of remember Gutsman stage being near impossible so maybe it was. I’ll have to get Mega Man 1 and try it again.

They should release all the Mega Man games for VC and offer a discount to get all of them at once.

Get Mega Man Anniversary Collection. It has MM 1-8 and it can be had for the PS2 or the GC for like $15.

And yes, the first time I played any of the other MMs, they were this hard.

Exactly. DLC and micropurchases are a new…god I hate this word, but it applies…paradigm, made possible by the degree of online connectivity we have today. Instead of 100% of the game for 100% of the cost up front, you get something like 80% of the game – entirely playable, start to finish, but without too many bells and whistles – for 50-80% of the cost, then give you the option to buy more if you’re interested. Being able to invest exactly as much as you choose to in a game is an appealing notion, but only if you don’t consider the up-front cost to be 100% and anything beyond to be extortion.

The real price-gouging IMO is charging $5-10 for some of the crap on the Virtual Console.

Wow - to say this game is hard is no joke. I had a blast with it last night despite getting my butt handed to me.

It was fun spending part of my evening awash in childhood nostalgia.

Wow, brought back memories to say the least. And I don’t mean just Mega Man memories. It brought back memories of that time, period.

That said, who’s the %^&* that designed this %^&*??!

I haven’t beat one level yet! It’s painful. PAINFUL! Sweet, sweet pain and frustration . . . gotta go, guys. Mega Man is calling . . .

I’ve been playing this since Monday. Which is bad, since I have two tests this week, Thursday and Friday. I never played the original Mega Mans on the NES, seeing as I never owned one. But I did have Mega Man III on Game Boy, and Mega Man X on the SNES was one of my favorite games.
This game is ridiculously addictive. I woke up at about 5am, and my first thought was “is it too early to play Mega Man?”

I played before work today. I never play video games before work. Still haven’t beat a boss yet. Galaxy Man’s level is pretty easy, and I can get him down to his last few ticks of health, but haven’t finished him off yet.

Galaxy Man was the only boss I’ve been able to beat so far. Although I got Concrete Man pretty low, I could probably beat him also if I tried again.

Magma Man is impossible with just the mega buster, reminds me of ElecMan whom I could never beat with just the mega buster. I fought Splash Woman too but she schooled me.

I’m up to Wily’s Castle now, but I haven’t even reached the boss of the first level yet.

I’ve found the best way to take out the bosses is to load up on Screws and spend them on Energy Tanks at the lab. Then it’s just an endurance match.