Men and Body Shaming

I posted a thread about this a while ago, but I can’t find the thread and I’m still pissed. I hear people make fun of the supposed size of a man’s junk more and more, and it’s enough to give someone serious body issues. I hear people make fun of men’s stature, and it’s enough to give someone serious body issues.

As far as penis size, I’m normal as far as I can tell… But it’s enough to make me seriously paranoid and I don’t know what I would do if I were smaller. I bring up my size because it’s almost inevitable that people will begin to wonder why I’M the one bringing it up, when hardly anyone else will.

I’m 5’5" and I HATE being a short male. I don’t think people know what it’s like unless they are short themselves. I sometimes feel ugly, or at least that other people perceive me as being ugly.

These are things we really should look at, alongside other things that are unjust. Why is it so okay to body shame men?

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Ew… No. Close your door.

Sorry… Needs to be said. I’m sure your stomach can handle it.

Short answer is that you get it because y’all gave it. The body shaming and policing of women is intense, focused and goes back into the mists of time and now that things are evening up you’re pissed that we employ the same tactics we learned from toddlerhood? What other model are we supposed to have, now that we can get away with expressing OUR feelings and preferences regarding men’s bodies? Sorry y’all don’t like it but I can tell you we’ve been hating it for way longer than you have.

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For whatever it’s worth - maybe tangentially - there was a comedy/anger website that once complained that for men who are stereotyped as having small penises but in fact have large ones, there’s nothing they can (legally or politely) do to disprove that accusation. It’s not like they can drop their pants on the spot to debunk their accusers, or wear a T-shirt saying “I have an 8 inch cock.”

That’s why it’s so effective as an insult–there is no way to counter that one that doesn’t make someone sound like the petulant child they probably act like because that’s what generates that particular insult.

I agree with you.

Women have been body shamed no doubt… But outwardly making fun of a female’s body frowned upon now. Not so with men.

I KNOW women get the worst of it. I’m not only blaming women for saying things about men’s genitalia or how tall they are. Men do it too.

But you act like I personally set the “beauty standard” for women. Make fun of people for more specific reasons… You shouldn’t say: “Well you have a small penis”, because somebody on YOUR SIDE might have a small penis.

Perhaps the thing to do is not to bring it up on a message board in the first place. I mean, it’s all part of maintaining that little bit of mystery, isn’t it.

I don’t care what people think and it’s anonymous.

I’ve always thought I’d get a shirt (or maybe just a button or a status update) that said “Tiniest penis you’ve ever seen.”

I mean, any woman would be so impressed that I’m confident and carefree, even though I’m hung like a hamster… and she’d secretly be dying to see it, right?

ps, a great side-effect of maturity is that I care less and less what anyone thinks of the size of privates or tummy or height (yeah, I’m short, but so what?).

If you judge others by their looks or size, then I’ve got no time for you, I’m too busy hanging out with a better class of people.

Not quite sure where you get “frowned upon” from because it’s rampant in every sector of society. Fat women get “Cover up, nobody needs to see THAT” and “Don’t you have any self respect?” and old women likewise get shamed because they no longer fit the narrow parameters of the beauty compliance mandate. “Body positivity” representation in magazines means showing women who are in every respect beauty compliant except for carrying a normal amount of body fat and the editors pat themselves on the back for it. Same with getting older–snarky remarks about how someone “isn’t aging well” are pretty goddamned common and aimed at women way more than men. The relentless pressure to suit the male gaze is omnipresent and oppressive AF and if men are starting to get it too–well, too bad so sad, gonna DO anything to make a change in society to remove all this pressure to look “good?”

The badass feminist women in my life go hardcore after anyone who bodyshames men. They’re tear a fuckboi to pieces, but if anyone joins in the pile-on by suggesting the fuckboi has a small dick, they’ll turn right around and shut that shit down. They live by their principles, and it’s awesome.

As another 5’5" dude, I hear you. Straight up the shit I get for being short is nothing like what a woman gets for being (for example) fat or (for another example) old. It’s a tiny percentage. But FWIW it sometimes sucks, and if you’re the sort of vicious asshole who thinks turnabout’s fair play, well, you’re not part of the patriarchy or anything, and you’re not oppressing me, but you’re a vicious asshole.

My second husband had a favorite joke about a man who takes his pants off first time having sex with a woman and she says “OMG, look at that teeny little thing! Who do you think you’re going to please with THAT?” and he says “ME!” That’s confidence, that is. :wink:

If this is the case, and I trust you… Then that’s BS and deserves it’s own pitting.

besides fat is something you can see outwardly whereas penises are something that are hidden so when you make fun of a man’s size… You COULD be making fun of the man next to you, who has your back, than the one you’re arguing be against.

I’m 5’ 5" and I’ve never gotten that impression from society. I can honestly say that it’s never been a problem for me. It may be different for young men growing up today, but aside from being awful at basketball and volleyball, it really hasn’t been a factor in my life that I’m aware of.