Men, would you still want to have intercourse if you couldn't come from it?

Retarded ejaculation. I really think we need a new clinical term for it.

Myself? Yes. It’s happened in the past, it will happen in the future. Sometimes vaginal is not the best stimulation for me, and I need to finish up with, say, a handjob. Depends on my mood, energy level, excitement level, and to a large extent, my partner.

I can definitely answer “Yes”. I can’t give details, but I had the experience of sex without orgasm for a time. Didn’t make a dent in my horniness or interest in sex.

Hmm. Perhaps friend has the view he has because he’s a bit quick, not that I mind, necessarily. (I take rather a practical view about that, I guess, but he’s informed me that I’m weird for doing so.) I have asked him about his experience of sex, but to him, it all seems to be tied to orgasm and the feelings that immediately lead up to it, not about the overall way sex feels, though he says that that’s good as well.

Well, orgasm is the best part of the process, IMHO, but if it’s impossible or unlikely that you’ll come (happens to every guy now and then), there’s still a lot of fun to be had in the sack with a willing lass. So that’s a “Hell, yes!” for me, too.

Look at it this way: What’s the point of orgasm? To feel good, right? What makes you reach orgasm? Feeling good. To refuse to feel good because you might not get to feel good makes little sense. As well, pressure to perform carries a lot of anxiety. Goal-less sex takes away that pressure, and can be a lot of fun. And here’s the paradox – without the anxiety, you’ll increase your chances of having an orgasm.

One word: Tantra.


No. I can come now and I don’t have any desire for sex, so I don’t see why that would change if I couldn’t.

Not only yes, but hell yes.

No question. I’ve been on medications that inhibit orgasm from time to time and that has had no effect on my libido - as long as it remains enjoyable for my partner. I’ve had partners who don’t feel that they’ve accomplished their mission if their man doesn’t blow his load. That’s a very unfortunate perspective given the converse, but most of my partners have been delighted to learn that orgasm isn’t the be all and end all for me.

On the contrary, if women were built to take hours and hours of fucking without negative consequences I’d be one very happy fella!

We’re not? News to me.

I get very frustrated if I dont orgasm, but then again I am very inexperienced. I’m sure I would still have interest in sex, just not as much initially until I learned more about the ways of the flower world.

It’s not fun for just the four seconds.

If I knew I definitely wouldn’t orgasm it would definitely make it less tempting to get started in the first place. The orgasm is sort of a release, so without that it’s just an intimate workout.

But, for me, orgasms have been plentiful ever since I hit puberty. I always have always been able to have, and still can have, an orgasm any time I want. (Well, okay, there are some times that it wouldn’t be particularly appropriate to MASTURBATE LIKE A MOTHERFUCK.) (And I readily admit that some ways of getting there are much nicer than others.) But years passed between my first orgasm (of many) and my first experience with a real live actual member of the opposite sex, so it’s the “intimate workout” part that has more scarcity value for me.

So, how you doin’?

Aww, I got “so how you doin’?” 'd. Too bad I’m not planning on moving to california for at least another year.

No. That sounds like a punishment handed down in a circle of hell. Sexual stimulation is obviously very good and most of the fun comes from the long period of pleasure before the climax but without the release it’d be very frustrating. I don’t even want to think about it. Even when people do the orgasm denial and drag the affair on for a long time, teasing seemingly endlessly (which is a lot of fun, btw) has to end with a mess eventually. Anything else would be akin to real torture.

**Question:**To the men who couldn’t orgasm due to medication, didn’t you get a really bad case of blue balls? What happened when your partner was done and you were sitting there standing at attention and with a vein on your forehead?

first off: screw you guys with too much stamina, I’d have to say I’m middling on that score.

anyways: to answer the question, yes, for sure. Although I will add to the “slightly frustrating” thing… after several times in one event, orgasming (drunk or sober) becomes next to impossible, but naturally it still feels great for both of us (and usually I can make my female partners reach orgasm)

4 seconds?!

Not to hijack - but surely at least 30?