Mens cologne

My friend bought himself a gift pack of cologne, deodorant and mesh scrub today and it occured to me I can get this for the man I like for Xmas.
What I would like to know is, what brands smell good, I want your opinion, as I really don’t know anyone who uses stuff like this, besides my friend who bought it.
Also, is it appropriate or too familair for a guy I like who I’ve been hanging with for almost a year.
Thank you in advance.
p.s. My friend bought Blade and I did not like that so thats out.

I saw some gift packs of 5 different colognes in small bottles this afternoon, priced very reasonably. Why not get him one of those and let him choose?


I kindof want a pack like my friend bought with maybe body wash included.

It’s a very intimate gift. Scent is quite a personal thing. If you give him this, it will likely tip him the wink that you want to be more than just friends. Sounds like maybe that’s the point, but it’s unclear. It will be quite the awkward moment if he’s not interested.

And Royall Lyme.

I do.

My favorite new Scent is “Bang” by Marc Jacobs.

To quote from the web site… “Bang is a peppery woody spicy scent. An explosion of threesome of peppercorn wrapped in warm, sensual woods.”

Don’t know if it comes in a kit like you describe, but it’s my scent, obsession right now…

Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue is a popular one. It’s not too heavy. And I know my brother really likes Acqua di Gio, although I haven’t smelled it personally.

You might want to try a store like Sephora. A salesperson could help you pick something out based on your guy’s personality.

The Body Shop has some pretty nice men’s colognes, not too strong, interesting scents.

Those meshy scrubs are bad for your skin- they harbor bacteria and then cause tiny scratches to the skin, which the bacteria is then ground into. You should give him one if he ends up turning you down, and then you can snicker as he has to go to the dermatologist with a skin infection… mwahahahahaha. Or not.

Dolce & Gabbana is good. My brother has it, he smells awesome.

But I agree with others… and first, though, does he wear cologne? Of my coworkers, only one regularly wears it (he’s Italian). None of the others wear any appreciable cologne.

Could you ask, or have someone else ask for you? I had a friend who liked 1881, so I got him that once. He’s gay, I just wanted to get him something he really liked, since he’s such a great guy.

My dad loves Roger & Gallet’s Extra Vieille. Actually, Roger & Gallet carries a lot of not strong scents. It’s a… clean, professional smell… One sales lady once commented that it was the “scent for lawyers or doctors”.

Perfume and colognes for men or women are so personal it’s hard to buy for.

You need to trick him. Tell him you need to buy some colgone for your dad for Christmas. Then ask what he likes.

The odd thing about colgone, is if I smell it on a guy it may smell really good, but it doesn’t smell like that on me. I guess it’s personal body chemistry that adds to it.

Second this. I’ve used Brut pretty much always.
Old Spice and British Sterling both turn rank on me after a couple of hours. Confirmed by wife.

I’ve gotten more compliments on “Mania” by Armani than all my other colognes put together.

insert cologne I personally have had good results with here

Ask the people at the shop what’s hot right now.

That will not work as he knows my father is deceased.

I think buying scent for men and women is tricky. If your man isn’t already wearing scent, I think it’s tougher because there’s the strong possibility he has tried a lot of them, foundthem wanting and so doesn’t bother. I would have some sympathy - the current state of male perfumes is atrocious! So many of them smell exactly alike, for one thing. Also, even the most beloved classic scents don’t tickle everyone’s nose. Still, if you feel compelled then, as a deep fan of perfumes for men and women, I recommend trying the following:

Habit Rouge by Guerlain. Not for everyone but highly regarded scent from my favourite perfume house. I find it a little too sweet but I think I’m in the minority. Said to be Keith Richards’ favourite scent.

Rochas Man by Rochas or, if you have the budget, *New Haarlem *by Bond No 9. The latter is a big budget version of the former with better ingredients. Also smells great on women, I’m wearing it myself today. A delicious mix of coffee, caramel and Lavender. Yum!

Eau Savage by Dior - classic male elegance. Be warned though, Dior have a horrible habit of frequently reformulating their classic scents without admitting it so make sure the bottle you try before you smell comes from the same batch. The beautiful rosemary top notes in this are fleeting, alas.

Acqua De Parma Colonia - it’s an eau de cologne so, as you’d imagine, the longevity is poor. A shame, because the smell is utterly glorious. Like trampling citrus and thyme underfoot out in the Med sun. Said to have been a fave of Ava Gardner, Humphrey Bogart and Cary Grant.

I’m thinking maybe I should just do a body wash/soap kindof thing without cologne.

If he doesn’t wear it, don’t buy it for him. After you get into a relationship, you can buy him a bottle that you particularly like, and ask him to wear it in intimate moments - I do. I love subtle cologne on a man but unfortunately my man absolutely does not wear it. He has compromised and wears it sometimes in the bedroom which makes me :).

BigBertha, this isn’t the prize from your earlier thread who kept shaking you down for money, drove off with your job application form and generally was acting like a total flake is it? 'Cos if it is, I recommend skunk juice instead.

No, but he never drove off with my application, he drove it and me to the place where I applied. And he only asked for gas money once. Thank you.