Metallic blue

Just watching the Vikings vs. NY game here. I noticed that the Vikes have metallic purple helmets, and the Giants have metallic blue ones. My first motorcycle, in the early-'70s was metallic purple; and so is my '99 Jeep. I kinda dig it. But the metallic blue looks like something from an '80s GM car. It just looks dated and ugly.

So metallic blue (medium-shade): Like it, or not?

I like metallic blue, but then my first car was a 1980’s metallic blue GM car.

Blue like this?

Love it.

I like it. I haven’t noticed any cars with it lately, but I always wanted a muscle car painted metallic blue. (Well, when I was young I wanted one. Now, I don’t lust so much after muscle cars.)

I like it, too.

That’s is.

I guess I’m just weird, then.

Love it! My last 3 cars have all been a metallic blue. My Jetta was called Blue Lagoon, and both my MINIs have been hyper blue.