Metallica, that is just not fair
Look inder SPUN - Live at Kimo’s.

For those to lazy to look Metallica showed up at a bar as an opening act under the name SPUN. It was probably set up in advance but, damn, that is not fair to the following band.

I mean, come you guys, you are one of the best live bands in the world, you are rich and play stadiums all over the place. The other bands were probably happy to get a hundred bucks a piece and a free tab. Then they had to follow you. Geez, that is just not right.

Slee ::wishing I could have been there::


Ummmmmm, exactly how is it unfair to the band/s that followed Metallica?? Do you think that everybody in the bar left and went running after James & co.? I really coubt it.

Springsteen used to do this kind of thing quite often in New Jersey. Go down to the Stone Pony in Asbury Park on a Friday night 'cause you’re friends band is playing and all of a sudden BRRRUUUCCCCEEEEE is up on stage with them. It’s really, really cool when something like that happens.

Plus I would rather see Metallica in a small club then in a stadium. Of course I’d have to wear 4 sets of earplugs, but that’s okay.


Having been in a similar situation a couple of times I know it’s hard to follow an act that is a) really big and b) one of the best live acts around. Most bar bands aren’t on the same level that Metallica is on. If the other bands knew that would be ok but to be blindsided by the biggest band in the Metal world next to Ozzy would be quite a shock.

Also, there is a difference between joining a band on stage and having a band play before you.

Second, I wish I could have been there as I said in my OP. As long as I didn’t have to play after Metallica that is.


I was going to post “Who played Bass?”, but wisely went to the site first and discovered that it was no other than Bob Rock. Very cool.

I saw them do this at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go in Hollywood in 1995. They came out and opened for Motorhead and played all Motorhead songs. Luckily, th’Head is one of the few bands in the world who could possibly follow Metallica. That place was so small it felt like I was at a kegger in someone’s garage.

I would love for Craptallica to play before my band, because we would blow their asses off the stage!