Michael Clarke Duncan has died

Man, what a bummer. Way before his time. Rest In Peace.

Oh, too bad. He always struck me as a nice guy.

Much too young. :frowning:

I really liked him on the Finder last year. Sucks he went so young.

Good actor, seemed like a nice guy.

Played a great stork on Family Guy: “The stork…but where’s my baby?” “Sweetie, you and me’s gonna make the baby.”

Very sad to hear, indeed. A nice, nice guy…who for some reason dated Omarosa, his exact opposite.

Damn, what a loss.

“[H]is fiancée, Reverend Omarosa Manigault” ???

Screw it, it’s not too soon: Maybe he *wanted *to die.

Damn. He will be missed. RIP

I’ve heard that real life Omarosa is actually pretty cool.

I worked on that with him - he was an actor who occasionally required special treatment and extra attention, but nevertheless was a very, very sweet man.
RIP Michael.

Poor chap. He always seemed to be smiling (his wife is a fox) and he was an incredibly snappy dresser, too. He made hats look good. And he seemed to be getting better; I guess the lesson is that heart attacks can strike down anyone.

I’ll say! He’s the same age as me!! Same hometown, too… :eek::eek:

Very sad…

  1. The Finder was amazing
  2. My husband just got home from work, and I am actually hestitant to tell him about this because he loved Michael, but I don’t want him to find out from Facebook either.

I lost my own father to heart problems last year, when he was 50. It’s way, way too young, and my heart goes out to Mr. Duncan’s family and friends.

My favourite fact about him is that he participated in the “Disco Demolition” riot at Comiskey Park in 1979.

What a shame. I thought his condition had improved, but I guess not. He sure seemed like a nice guy.

Someone just last week told me in all seriousness that he saw Michael Clarke Duncan one time in the shopping mall that is about a five minutes’ walk from our home. We live in central Bangkok, but it’s still not an area that most tourists make it to, and the mall, while big, is not one of the bigger extravaganza types that tend to attract foreigners. If my friend is correct, then I wonder how Duncan found his way over here.

But RIP, Mike. I loved your acting. :frowning:

I’ve heard he really liked cats, too.