Michael Clarke Duncan in Stable Condition After Heart Attack

From the Seattle Post Intelligencer:

I was thinking he was really young to have a heart attack. Had no idea he was in his 50’s.

Omarosa? Ewww.

Are him and Omarosa an item or something?

Double Ewwwww

Let’s get The Finder to work on finding him a new ticker.

For some reason I thought he was a lot taller than 6’4/6’5 (depending on which version you go with). I suppose it’s because John Coffey was a giant; he’s “only” the same height as Tyler Perry.

Well that was an unexpected Omarosa reference. According to Wikipedia, she met him at Whole Foods.

For those annotating, that doesn’t count as a cite.

Can’t she cause cardiac arrest by just being in a room with someone? I hear she saved him, but if I woke up to her face, I would die again thinking I was in Hell.

I’m wondering if she saw him on the floor while violating a restraining order about stalking him. If so, at least she called 911.

All jokes aside, apparently, yes, she is his girlfriend.

This gets me to thinking that I don’t think I’ve ever met a really tall guy(6’5"+) who was over the age of 70. I know they exist, but I just don’t recall ever meeting any…

They shrink.

My question about this from a while back.

Christopher Lee used to be 6’5. He’s now about 6’3 due to geriatric shrinkage (which I’m sure is not the technical term, but…). This was from an article written a few years back when LOTR and the Star Wars prequels were big, so now that he’s 90 he might be a bit shorter.

One of the few historical ‘bonafide giants’ who attained old age was Martin Van Buren Bates; accounts vary to his height, but somewhere between 7’6 and 7’11 seems to be the best guess. He lived into his early 80s.
His first wife, Anna Swan, was around 7’5 and died in her early 40s. They had two children who weighed 18 lbs. and 23 lbs. at birth respectively, but both died in infancy. Bates’s second wife was normal sized.