Michael Ellis, cooper's friend

Brucie wanna cracker!!! AAAkkkk!!!

Yo , Michael Ellis!

Check out IMHO. I started a thread for you. :smiley:

Actually, since I posted that, I’ve seen the phrase popping up in other threads far, far too often. I hate catchphrases; they give me hives. As such, I’m afraid I’m going to have to withdraw my motion of support, and instead move that you be strung up by your short’n’curlies over a pit of rabid badgers.

Nothing personal.

Pit of Rabid Badgers would be a good name for a new poster.

Og Smash!!!

my god the pit has turned into FYAD.
come on. tell me someone gets that.

Not to mention the fact that he makes vanity searches an exercise in futility for me. Dirty rat bastard! :smiley:

Meh. And your point is?

I agree totally with hawthorne.

Give it a fucking rest already. Half the bloody board seems to have been infected with bullshit inanities that only you and a seeming handful of others find in the least bit entertaining.

Stop your dribbling and go buy ‘Idiots Guide to Humour’. I’m sure the very first lesson would include some snippet like…“While something might be funny the first time, or even the second, and PERHAPS even the third, it’s humour-value is going to be zilch after the 432nd telling”.

Please give it a break. :rolleyes:

I’d tell you, but it is prismatic. Follow the Path.


Find Yellow Anal Drainage?

Maybe the cooper’s friend reference has something to do with DB Cooper?

**Michael Ellis ** Have you ever been DB Cooper’s love child?

gb2gbs :stuck_out_tongue:


The “cooper’s friend” thing just meant that feeding a troll 37 times scraped through the bottom of the barrel so many times that kickbacks from the cooper was about as reasonable explanation as could be hoped for. It’s certainly better than the explanation served up by the pond-weed here, which amounts to “feeding trolls is fun”.

It’s not humor any more, it’s just crap.

Especially in this thread, where there aren’t any trolls to attack. Give it a fucking rest. Please.

[CARTMAN]Okay, okay. I think some people in this thread are being negative Nancies.[/CARTMAN]

OK, I was wrong about the trolls.

Isn’t there something in the User Agreement about public accusations of trolling?

Isn’t there something in the User Agreement about being a jerk?

Is there anything in there about going and fucking yourself with a rusty spoon while your mother watches?

Yes, there is.

Yes, there is.

No there isn’t.

Any more questions?