Michelle Meyrink is the "perfect woman"?

I was watching Real Genius, a really good geek comedy from the 1980s, on Comedy Central this morning, and one of the stars is a young woman named Michelle Meyrink. I knew I’d heard that voice before, so I looked it up on the IMDB and found out that she stopped making movies in 1988, but not until playing the immortal Judy in Revenge of the Nerds. Yeah, that’s where I remembered her from! A decent but very forgettable actress in most respects, I wondered what had happened to her, so I googled her name.

This is the strangely horrifying result. The perfect woman? That’s not the first thing that comes to mind, but to each his own. It’s just that she’s been invisible for 17 years, so the borders on stalking. It’s vaguely creepy. It’s pining for a woman long gotten older, but still being in love with the images from 20 years ago. Creepy.

Besides, we all know that Jennifer Garner is the perfect woman in spite of her recent indiscretions with Howdy Doo… that is, Ben Affleck. Lucky bastard.

Hmmm - the MM stuff is a tad…off, as you say. On a hijack note, I would be inclined to agree with you about JG in spite of her Ben indescretion. What I found interesting was in a thread I posted about 60’s lite-rock chanteuse Francoise Hardy - who is stunning in a way similar to Jennifer Garner - I got a LOT of responses saying “no way - too much of a man jaw” or similar stuff…

At the time, I thought she was cute in a quirky sort of way since she reminded me of an old friend.

I looked at some of the pics on that site.


A photo collection is one thing, but EVERY SINGLE FRAME SHE WAS IN?

That’s creepy.

Not being a stalker, I didn’t click on any of the 311 linked images. Still, I liked her in Real Genius. She’s the kind of girl I go for. Pretty and quirky. ‘The Perfect Woman’? I don’t know. I’ve only seen her in Real Genius and Nice Girls Don’t Explode. But if I had a girlfriend who looked like she did, and who had a quirky personality (not to the extent of RG), I’d be happy.

I adored Michelle Meyrink in Real Genius. I wish I could meet and hang out with pretty much everyone in that movie (except Kent and Hathaway, of course), but Jordan most of all.

If you’re still interested in what happened to her (stalkers notwithstanding), this article has some interesting info (and a picture).

Michelle Meyrink used to date Crispin Glover. So you got to figure she’s okay with creepy relationships.

I, for one, would niot hit that. Just look at those sharp knees.


80’s movie star and now devoted Zen practicer?

Maybe not perfect, but moving more towards it than most 80’s movie stars.

Jennifer Garner’s a man, baby!

Seriously, I know the tendency of internet troglodytes to take women who are so attractive that said troglodyte would have a 0.0% chance of hooking up in real life with them and saying, “She hideous, her (nose/teeth/lips/left pupil dilation) is so gross.”

But Jennifer Garner is secretly a man (or the former women’s gym coach of my high school).

Sheesh, forgot what I came in here for. I agree that Michelle Meyrink was adorable. The prototypical slightly goofy, bright, kind of “off” 80s anti-woman.

Yep, upon seeing that movie, I thought her character was the kind of girlfriend I wish I’d found at university. Alas, romance at university was not to be for me.

Maybe I was in the wrong program.

When I was a kid, I had the biggest crush on Lu Ann Haslam, (“Becky Thatcher” on “The New Adventures of Huck Finn”). She basically just disappeard when the series ended (only one season), until recently.

Well, semi-creepy framegrab sites notwithstanding, I sure wouldn’t mind Jordan Cochran racing a toboggan down my stairs.

I thought “What a coincidence this is about Jordan!” Then I saw when & where you saw REAL GENIUS. Guess what I was watching this Sat morn?!? L

Well. good to see she’s made a happy life for herself (Crispin?!?! :eek:)

She’s the type I’d go for also- When I saw her this past Sat, it occurred to me who Jordan talked like…

Willow Rosenberg.

Yep, a brunette zaftig Willow Rosenberg!


Michelle Meyrink has a strange and mysterious power.

I always remember some movie where she told a guy she would pick him up in her vulva when she meant to say Volvo. I’ve used that line a lot in the past 20 years and let me tell you a little secret: I don’t drive a Volvo!

Anyway, in that movie she thinks she’s going to die so she has to have teen sex ASAP. I think it was called The Joy of Sex. I saw it on TV a while ago so I googled her and found the link that Snake Hips found. I always thought she was one of those people who has a very attractive voice. Sometimes I will get a giant crush on someone just because of a deep voice. I always thought Melanie Grifith wouldn’t even have a job if it weren’t for her voice. It can do things to people.

One other random thing about her is that she is a bit of an eye bag role model for me. I’m always on the lookout for someone who can make eyebags look cute. It’s good for my self esteem.

She’s cute, but I wouldn’t go as far as perfect. Didn’t Weird Science do that idea back in the 80’s with Kelly LeBrock?