Mick Jagger refuses to give up his hotel suite for GWB

Heh heh heh. Not many people get a chance to stick it to the Prez like this.

I can’t imagine how great that must feel to have GWB ask you for your hotel room and to be able to tell him to sod off. It must be nice to be Mick Jagger.

If I were the president, I’d totally understand. I mean, hell, they’re the Rolling Stones.

I wouldn’t give up my hotel room, even if I didn’t hate Bush. Fuck that shit, I paid for and reserved the room, it’s MINE. Why should someone richer and more powerful than me get to kick me out?

Thank you for sharing. That is a BEAUTIFUL thing. :smiley:

I smell an extreme rendition in the middle of the night. National security interests, doncha know.

At the very least, I’d propose a deal for a night at the Lincoln Bedroom and ride on AF1 :smiley:

“Well, give me his room!”

He even quotes them in speeches :slight_smile: (well, at least one)

Really? I remember him inadvertantly quoting The Who, but I don’t recall a Stones quote. Which one?


Mick Jagger is 62 and “Dubya” Bush expects a senior citizen to move just on his orders? “Dubya” is a youthful 59 years old. Geez this is analogous to that guy that wanted Rosa Parks to give up her seat. See? GWB is not considerate of our elderly population.

On a more serious note, this story is too good to be true !!! I’ve always liked the Rolling Stones but this news has just increased my respect for them by several hundred per cent. :smiley:

Diogenes, that’s a great news item you found. :slight_smile:

Oh, lovely. claps hands :wink:

(I wonder, are you lot down south going to declare a War on the Rolling Stones now?)

I’ve got to tell my aunt, the Republican committee member for her state, about this. She’s so Republican that she thinks Reagan was one of our great presidents. Ugh.

I once wore my favorite t-shirt just for her. It has a picture of the White House on it and the words “Regime change begins at home!”

I suspect a few other people have had that thought over the last 40 years. :wink:

Reuters July 15, 2007

“The Rolling Stones were arrested today at JFK airport and sent to Guantanamo Bay for questioning. According to White House officials, there is reason to suspect they might be terrorists and it was deemed necessary for Homeland Security. A senior staffer suggested they would probably only be detained for 18 months or so.”

“And even though Scott McClellan has been out of the White House for over a year, he’s refusing to offer any more information, insisting that it would be ‘just speculation’.”

Now this is what I call poetic justice. Ah, my day is made.

La dee da dee da, na na na na naaaaa…oh what a wonderful world. The poppies are pretty, the tarmac is shiny and dry, the birds are a tweeting, and the common people make a stand.

Not that Mickie boy is that common, but you know what I mean.

<<wanders off whistling and humming>>

Mick’s coolness factor has increased expotentially in my book. (And it was already in the top 1% factor as it is.)

well, hell, god fearing dubya oughtta be s ared to death of even breat ing the fumes. i mean dubya had a reputation for being a cough cough party animal cough cough and being in the presence of the Stones might cause backslidding or god forbid too much competition.